12 Easy Ways to Add Krylon's 2021 Colors of the Year to Your Decor

Our DIY lists just got so much longer

blue interior


One unexpected and inspiring part of this strange era is watching people embrace their creative sides. This is why we were thrilled to learn that Krylon pulled together a palette of 12 colors to represent our collective “desire to create spaces that combat the fear of uncertainty and inspire moments of calm and happiness.” If ever there was a time that we needed our home DIY projects to mean something just a little bit more, it’s now.

But as we look forward to a return to normalcy, Krylon knows that in the present moment, we’re all on a “quest for tranquility, nostalgia, and escape.” As I browsed their list of 2021 Colors of the Year, I wondered just what that quest might look like—and how we can all creatively use these colors in our own daily journey.

Here are eight easy ways to add colors to your home using Krylon spray paint.

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    Satin Terracotta

    Wicker chairs in Satin Terracotta by Krylon


    We love how Krylon used the satin terracotta on the wicker chairs. It feels fresh and different from how we normally see wicker, and it’s an added bonus that they now draw focus to that gold metallic table.

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    Gold Metallic

    gilded mirror


    If you love that gold so much you want to bring that pop inside, this gold metallic mirror in an otherwise neutral vanity space adds a touch of vintage glam that we adore.

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    Satin Jade

    satin jade


    This kitchen chair design is fun and playful, but the fact it’s done in satin jade manages to keep it neutral and calming.

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    Satin Pistachio

    pistachio green accents


    These decorative accents in satin pistachio have me ready to run out and decorate all the walls in bright, homemade pieces of art. Or, at the very least, the kids’ rooms.

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    Satin Peacock Blue

    peacock blue jeep

    Instagram / @65SeeJayFive

    I don’t have a vintage jeep, but this peek of a dashboard upgrade in satin peacock blue makes me want to run out and buy one ASAP.

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    Matte Black

    matte black decor

    Aleksandar Novoselski / Stocksy

    Matte black is stark and eye-catching, but this particular use is subtle and adorable. It manages to completely elevate a very simple piece.

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    Chalky Finish Classic White

    chalk white seat


    How much do you love this chalky finish classic white to offset the seat of a simple, mid-century chair? It’s basically perfection.

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    Matte Ink Blue

    matte ink blue


    Krylon added matte ink blue to the palette for its ability to “rejuvenate any space.” This foyer update is a testament to that, giving us the level of drama we crave.

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    Bright Idea

    painted vases


    We all need to feel more optimistic, and that was Kylon’s exact reason for adding bright idea into the mix this year. These delightful little vases are positively charming and would serve as an instant pick-me-up in any space.

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    Soft Lilac

    lilac painted ornaments

    Instagram / @krylonbrand

    This project obviously hit the feed for Christmas, but we like to imagine that beauty in soft lilac could be on display year-round.

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    Baby Blue

    pops of light blue


    Now that we pretty much all live at work and work where we live, a cheerful and uplifting workspace is an absolute requirement for life in 2021. This home office space is the epitome of happiness, and the unexpected pops of baby blue really up the cute factor.

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    Coral Isle

    coral shelves


    We wouldn’t have necessarily thought to go with a bright and bold color like coral isle for a wall shelf, but then Krylon pointed out their reasoning behind this selection. They cited this hue as a color meant to “conjure up feelings of well-being, comfort, and reassurance.” In that case, we think it’s the perfect supporting star.

There’s a lot to love about Krylon’s selections for their 2021 Colors of the Year. Cheers to kicking off the year feeling like we have endless DIY possibilities ahead of us all.