How to Live in a 140 Square Foot Apartment

Micro apartment
Szymon Hanczar

Super Efficient 140 Square Foot Urban Apartment

Designer Szymon Hanczar successfully transformed his 140 square foot crash pad into a surprisingly livable and aesthetically impressive tiny home.

How did Hanczar manage to create such a functional space? On the following pages, you will find four lessons learned from this ​super-efficient apartment.

Live Minimally in 140 Square Feet

Super Efficient 140 Square Foot Urban Apartment
Szymon Hanczar

A tiny apartment packed with too much stuff can feel more like a cramped, claustrophobic cave instead of a comfy, cozy dwelling. So if you don't want to go virtually bonkers while living in a micro living space, repeat after me, "less is more." 

Here's how Szymon Hanczar lives a minimal life in his 140 square foot urban dwelling:

  • Eliminate visual clutter. Piles of paper, messy countertops and too much décor like overdecorated walls can make both small and large spaces feel chaotic. Keeping flat surfaces clean and clutter-free will make life at home more orderly.
  • Keep things light. Walls, flooring, and furniture in light shades make pint-sized spaces feel bigger and brighter.
  • Ditch useless furniture. All the furniture in Hanczar's small living space has a practical purpose. His desk doubles as a dining table, the dresser provides extra storage space and his hammock carves out a spot to relax without wasting precious floor space.

Prioritizing Your Belongings Makes the Most of Storage Space

Storage in Super Efficient 140 Square Foot Urban Apartment
Szymon Hanczar

Making the most of your storage space will help you create an orderly tiny home. Here's how Szymon Hanczar maximized his closet space:

  • He prioritized his belongings. He keeps clothing in his dresser and large items in the closet.
  • He created easy access. There's no poking around to find stuff in this closet. All of his things, including the washing machine, is within easy reach.

Put Vertical Space to Good Use

Lofted bed
Szymon Hanczar

When space is tight, making use of vertical space will help you maximize every square inch of your micro-apartment. Here's how Szymon Hanczar went big by going up:

  • He installed a loft bed over the kitchen and bathroom
  • He made sure he had enough headroom. He has just enough clearance to stand tall in the lower rooms, and room to sit upright in his bed.

Are You Willing to Compromise?

Slide out compartment cutting board
Szymon Hanczar

Would you be willing to live in a micro-apartment that didn't have a kitchen? Szymon Hanczar gave up this housing staple. Here's the deal:

  • He sacrificed some kitchen square footage so he could have a roomier bathroom.
  • He doesn't cook so he decided to live without an oven or cooktop.
  • What's in his tiny kitchenette? A compact fridge, coffee maker, and a teeny countertop so he can make sandwiches and a cup of mud whenever the mood strikes.