20 Teen Bedroom Makeovers Even an Adult Would Love

These creative bedrooms are the real teenage dream

Bedroom with one wood paneled wall and desk with large monitor.

Gabriel Beaudry / Unsplash

Is it just us, or do today’s teens seem to be a whole lot trendier when it comes to home style and design? Whether it’s a fluke or just more exposure to impressive interiors (hi, Pinterest and Instagram), teens have high expectations for what they want their bedrooms to look like—and we’ve got a ton of inspiration to get the ball rolling. 

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    The Sky’s the Limit

    Teen bedroom with accent wall painted like clouds and large tufted bed.

    Britt Design Studio

    Who wouldn’t be on cloud nine with this skyscape bedroom from Britt Design Studio? DIY your own sky-inspired statement wall and pair it with a couple muted but impactful statement pieces for a look that’s truly out of the stratosphere. 

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    Bright and Bold

    Teen bedroom with yellow daybed and gallery wall of comic book covers.

    Proem Studio

    There are so many ways to have fun with color in a teen’s bedroom, and we love how this look from Proem Studio perfectly balances out bright and heavily saturated hues by working in a few black and white accents. Can’t beat that comic book cover gallery wall either. 

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    Pattern Prowess

    Sophisticated teen bedroom with white walls and lots of patterned accents.

    Katie Hodges Design

    This look from Katie Hodges Design is proof that you can mix and match patterns without making a room feel too busy. The trick: keep big focal points like walls and bedspreads simple so you can play around with patterns while maintaining a streamlined design. 

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    Color Coordination

    Teen bedroom with dusty blue walls and pink and red bed accents.

    House Nine

    A dusty blue wall serves as an ideal backdrop for the cheerful pink and red accents in this teen bedroom, designed by House Nine. The result is a look that’s colorful but warm, with expert coordination despite the unexpected pairing. 

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    East Coast Charm

    Forest green teen bedroom with East Coast collegiate theme.

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Teens with East Coast dreams would likely be big fans of this bedroom idea from Brexton Cole Interiors, which has all the charm of a crisp fall day in Connecticut and manages to maintain a theme without being too over the top. 

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    Farmhouse Glam

    Farmhouse style bedroom with iron four poster bed.

    Whittney Parkinson Design

    Every detail of this bedroom from Whittney Parkinson Design effortlessly blends traditional farmhouse decor with a more modern, glamorous feel, from the wrought-iron four poster bed to the delicately striped rug beneath it. And any teen could benefit from a couple seating cubes, which can be moved around as needed when friends stop by. 

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    Mermaid Magic

    Bedroom with colorful quilt with scale pattern.

    blissthishouse / Unsplash

    Think mermaids are only for little kids? Think again! We adore this serene teen bedroom, which hints at the whimsy of mermaids and the sea while remaining totally simple and sophisticated.

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    Day Bed Luxury

    Luxury teen bedroom with day bed and chandelier.

    Reena Sotropa

    A day bed is a fantastic option for teen bedrooms, as evidenced by this super luxurious look from Reena Sotropa. Other smart and stylish features here include patterned wallpaper that almost appears to be sparkling, plus floor-to-ceiling window treatments that lend height and additional glamour to the space. 

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    Fun With Color Blocking

    Color blocked kid's bedroom with art hanging on wall.

    Casa Watkins Living

    Why choose one color when you can have them all? Color blocking is totally on trend, and as this look from Casa Watkins Living shows us, it’s well suited for bringing a touch of the unexpected to a teen bedroom. 

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    Boho Beauty

    Boho bedroom with neutral accents and lots of plants.

    Black & Blooms

    What teen wouldn’t adore this bedroom from Black & Blooms, with its simple approach to boho designed and a neutral color palette that allows its natural elements to really stand out. Use faux greenery to achieve a similar look for teens who might not be ready for the responsibility of so much plant life. 

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    Simple Stunner

    Teen bedroom with purple curtains and bedding and two modern art prints on the wall.

    Coco Lapine Design

    Purple, mauve, and gray are such an effective combination, and they come together seamlessly in this understated but oh-so-pretty bedroom from Coco Lapine Design. Along with some other inspired choices—like built-in underbed storage—it’s a great room for the teen who likes a little utility (and a whole lot of refinement) in their space.

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    Ceiling Blues

    Teen bedroom with ceiling painted turquoise and curtain hanging on pipe next to bed.

    Rikki Snyder Interiors

    A super bright color like turquoise could get to be too much as a teen matures, which is why we think it’s so brilliant that Rikki Snyder Interiors used it just as a pop of color on the ceiling, instead of letting it take over the room. (Addition of a super cute pup is optional, but recommended.)

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    A Delicate Touch

    Teen bedroom with pink patterned wallpaper accent wall.

    Erin Williamson Interiors

    Erin Williamson Design managed a perfect balance in this teen bedroom, blending together different prints and patterns in varying shades of pink for a look that comes together while still allowing individual pieces to stand out. 

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    Not-So-Basic Black and White

    Black and white bedroom with yellow pillow on bed.

    Gray Space Interiors

    Black and white gets a fun upgrade in this room from Gray Space Interiors. Our favorite part is that super cool accent wall, but we also like how a couple thoughtful yellow accessories serve to tie the whole space together. 

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    Let the Sun Shine

    Bedroom with bright yellow accent wall and color blocked yellow circle behind bed.

    Dazey Den

    Egg-yolk yellow provides an ideal shade for this happy-go-lucky bedroom from Dazey Den, while the color blocking behind the bed is a stellar (and super creative) alternative to a traditional headboard, though this look features both. 

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    Bunked ‘n Blue

    Kid's bedroom with bunk beds and blue rug and chair.

    Chelius House of Design

    Bunk beds are an excellent choice for a teen who often has friends staying over, especially if, like this room from Chelius House of Design, there aren’t a ton of square feet to go around. And while bunk beds could toe the line of being a little too youthful, with a few modern additions (like that fun blue chair and rug) the entire space can be brought up to date.

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    Cozy Corner

    Farmhouse bedroom with one heavily patterned accent wall.

    Katie Hackworth

    This look from Katie Hackworth is both quiet and impactful, with clean lines brought to life by a heavily patterned accent wall. There’s a lot to covet here, but our favorite part of the room is the ceiling, with its farmhouse paneling and super-stylish sunburst light fixture. 

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    Moon Landing

    Outer space themed kid's bedroom with two twin beds.

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors 

    Stephanie Hoey of Stephanie Hoey Interiors says she was tasked with creating a teen room inspired by outer space without being too heavily-themed, and we think she did a great job achieving it. Case in point: that one-of-a-kind constellation wall paired with plaid to keep it grounded—and those blink-and-you’d-miss-it star sheets. 

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    Under the Sea Attic

    Attic teen bedroom with under the sea wallpaper accent wall.

    Blakely Interior Design

    Style always trumps size, and nowhere is that more clear than in this small attic bedroom from Blakely Interior Design. A great takeaway: if your teen’s room is short on square footage, add in a colorful accent wall to elevate it into something special, plus floating shelves that offer utility without taking up floor space. 

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    Calm and Cool

    Bedroom with black and white accents, including throw blanket on bed.

    Arbor & Co.

    All it takes is a few simple touches to make a bedroom shine. This look from Arbor & Co. includes just the right amount of decor to keep the room cozy while still leaving plenty of blank space for a teen who prefers a more minimal look.