Our 10 Favorite Items From Etsy's 2021 Design Award Finalists

stained glass bouquet is one of the 100 finalists in the 2021 Etsy Design Awards


There’s something to be said for a global online marketplace that boasts credibility and quality, yet honors the individual creators. Etsy is exactly that—a prominent space where people can make, buy, and sell unique items—anywhere from the customized rave bra to the hand-carved picture frame for your living room (and everything in-between).

On July 13, Etsy revealed the 100 finalists of its third annual Etsy Design Awards (“The Etsies”). Consumers worldwide will have the chance to celebrate high-quality items while browsing creations and creators from around the world. Check out last year's winners here.

The finalists are in the running for the $20,000 grand prize, and this year Etsy has joined Klarna for a special “People’s Pick Award," where shoppers can cast their votes for their favorite finalist between July 13-20. (And US shoppers can earn a $10 Etsy credit if they purchase from a finalist either within the Klarna app or using Klarna to check out on Etsy during the voting period).

If all that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve taken a peek at the finalists and shared a few of our favorites. Check out our picks below.

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    Stained Glass Wildflower Bouquet

    stained glass flower bouquet

    Etsy / GLASenGLAS

    Nothing says breathtaking like stained glass. This artist, GLASenGLAS, creates made-to-order wildflower bouquets with a variety of gorgeous flowers, stems, and leaves of varying colors. Using a copperfoil/Tiffany technique and recycled glass, the artist fires and hand-paints each flower for each buyer. You can also customize the height of flowers with pliers!

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    ‘Black Boy Joy’ Limited Edition

    a painting of three black boys enjoy the water

    Etsy / MarkMilliganArt

    A home is not simply a space to live but a space to bring positivity and comfort, too. This Etsy finalist, MarkMilliganArt, has created ‘Black Boy Joy,’ a beautiful oil painting depicting three joyful African American boys playing in the water. The artist, Mark Feijão Milligan II, signs and dates each print upon purchase.

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    Glissando Mirror

    A glissando mirror hangs above a console table

    Etsy / shopcandiceluter

    A mirror provides introspection for anyone who looks in, but an intentionally placed mirror in a home can tell a story. This finalist, shopcandiceluter, has created a modern, cross-over design style mirror. Called “Glissando,” this 30-inch, newest edition in the mirror family is jaw-dropping.

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    Chrome 31 Bubble Chandelier

    Chrome 31 Bubble Chandelier hangs above a brown chair

    Etsy / TheLightFactory

    Nothing says ‘welcome to my home’ like a bold, bubble chandelier. This 22-inch light fixture by Ashlie of TheLightFactory is made with 31 hand-blown glass bubbles of varying sizes (4-inch and 6-inch). From top to bottom, the fixture is anywhere from 24 inches on the smaller side to 48 inches, and it comes with 12 different cord options to make a striking statement in your home.

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    6-Seater SwingTable

    a dining table consists of suspended chairs swings and a suspended table

    Etsy / SwingTables

    Imagine sitting down to eat with loved ones… and feeling like you’re a kid at the playground again! This unique, walnut wood table by SwingTables, is a cross between a playset and an eating area. It can hold up to six guests and can be used inside and outside (with non-walnut options for outside!)

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    Hudson Bed

    Hudson Bed


    Every home needs a beautiful bed, both for comfort and for *vibes,* of course! This Hudson Bed by INSEKDESIGN is absolutely breathtaking with a solid and lightweight wooden frame, Gridlok design (a stronger base with fewer parts), and responsibly sourced walnut wood. Unlike most beds, the Hudson boasts easy assembly—a hassle-free, gorgeous way to level up your bedroom. 

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    Wood Pet House

    wooden pet house

    Etsy / FainabudaGoods

    If you’re a pet owner, chances are, you’re probably obsessed with making sure your animal feels at ease in your space. Or, like Etsy finalist FainabudaGoods, you’re creating a little haven for your animal. This Wood Pet House is made from high-quality plywood and can be assembled in three minutes! Each house comes with a mattress, treats, and an eco-friendly bag for easy transport. Dimensions are 46-cm long by 40-cm wide with a height of 34-cm.

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    Wood Floral Cat Tree

    a wooden floral cat tree with pink "flower" and a cat sitting on the flower

    Etsy / KBSPets

    A cat bed, but make it cute! This cherry blossom cat tree by finalist KBSPets doubles as a floral design that’s perfect for adding a bit of fun (and cat comfort!) to your home. Hand-made with natural, treated wood branches, this one-of-a-kind perch is the purrfect addition for cat-lovers.

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    Vintage Phone Lamp

    Vintage phone lamps in lime green and hot pink

    Etsy / iluminados

    Create a ‘blast from the past’ in your home with these telephone lamps from finalist Juan Chacon of iluminados. These cute lamps perfectly recreate the 70’s model and come with a bulb, white resin cable, and vintage-style plug. You can purchase them in bold colors, like hot pink and lime green to give a real 70’s vibe in your home.

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    Hanging Cabinet

    a hanging cabinet features neutral colors and a plant on top

    Etsy / KELLERKINDinterior

    Every home needs cabinets, but what about opting for a vintage model for some #throwback fun? These vintage cabinets by KELLERKINDinterior are made in the Bauhaus style with a Bohemian twist. Treated with chalk paint and water-soluble varnish, these cabinets are not only beautiful but built to last.