The Color Trends Experts Expect to See Everywhere in 2022

Color trend predictions 2022 - Breezeway paint by Behr in living room

Courtesy of Behr

No one loves a color trendwatch like us here at The Spruce, especially when almost everyone—including Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG—agrees that the color of the year for 2022 will be a stunning shade of green. But for anyone looking for 2022 hues that are a little different, we asked the experts about what other shades we can look for in 2022, outside of sage, avocado, olive, and fern. Even if the color isn’t green, the energy is the same: 2022 colors are all about soothing, earthy, or neutral tones.

“With people at home more, they are bringing natural influences into their space, but often keeping it soothing and cozy. People seek a year of rejuvenation, new beginnings in earthy tones,” says Lina Galvao of Curated Nest.

Read on for what other color or design pros have to say about the top colors of 2022.

Meet the Expert

  • Lina Galvao is a co-founder of Curated Nest, a family-oriented interior design firm.
  • Caron Woolsey is the founder and principal designer of CW Interiors.
  • Erika Woelfel is the vice president of color and creative services for Behr.
  • Maggie Griffin is the founder and lead designer of Maggie Griffin Design.
  • Mary Maydan is the founder and principal of Maydan Architects.
  • Puji Sherer is the director of color marketing at Miller Paint.
  • Ashley McCollum is the associate color marketing manager for Glidden by PPG.
  • Sue Wadden is the director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.
Color trend predictions 2022 - Olive Sprig paint by PPG in kitchen

Courtesy of PPG

Warm Neutrals

As Galvao tells us, “We’re seeing a lot of warm colors in upholstery via bouclés, and people are feeling more confident using creamy whites for upholstery given the rise and accessibility of performance fabrics.” 

“Warm whites, creams, beiges have been really popular with Gen Z especially, often opting for a cozier feel in their interiors,” she adds. “Light woods, especially white oak, are [also] becoming more and more common. For warm whites, we love Benjamin Moore Simply White and White Dove. Swiss Coffee is a great option for more warmth.” 

Caron Woolsey of CW Interiors feels the same way. “The frequent occurrence of white and gray continued through 2021, but I predict that palette choice will diminish in 2022,” she says. “Trends will pivot toward stone and neutral colors with warmer undertones.”

Color trend predictions for 2022 - neutrals by Sherwin-williams

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Desert Tones

Galvao also predicts a rise in blush, mauve, browns, tans, sophisticated shades of orange, and rust. “Think desert sunset,” she says. 

Best of all, these tones pair well with the ever-popular shades of green we’re sure to see throughout 2022. “Patterns and solids are both incorporating these colors in a soothing, cozy way, often mixed with creams and in pastel or lighter tones,” says Galvao.

Color trend predictions 2022 - ancient copper paint by PPG in bathroom

Courtesy of PPG

Surprising and Uplifting Pops of Cool Color

Behr’s Erika Woelfel predicts a mix of soothing, grounding hues and uplifting pops of color. 

“As we look ahead to 2022, we are inspired by neutral tones that are complemented by an unexpected pop of color,” says Woelfel. “We recommend seeking balance when featuring these colors by complimenting them with textiles and accents that are neutral in tone, such as creamy whites, light-washed wood, stone, and cotton. We have seen cool color tones on the rise this year, which will continue into 2022.”

Color trend predictions 2022 - perfect penny paint by Behr in dining room

Courtesy of Behr

Shades of Citrus 

Maggie Griffin of Maggie Griffin Design suggests citrus will be big in the coming year. “I think more saturated citrus colors will be big next year. Think: deep mustard yellow or a pop of cheerful orange,” she says. “It seems that more clients are asking for layers of color and pattern using organic materials like wood and marble, paired with natural textures, to balance bolder pops of color.”

Black Accents

Mary Maydan of Maydan Architects tells us, “I expect touches of black to be a big thing in 2022. We see it in black frames around glass partitions, black plumbing fixtures, and black accents. [People] want serenity and calm, which neutral colors give, yet they also want contrast and some interest. Incorporating touches of black is a great solution.”

Indoor outdoor space with black accents by Maydan Architects

John Sutton / Courtesy of Maydan Architects

Darker, Complex Hues

When it comes to wall colors, Puji Sherer of Miller Paint predicts a more dramatic move from bold black to more complex, darker hues such as rich navy, deep forest green, and earthy brown. “Hues that give the drama of black but bring more color to the table,” Sherer says. 

“In 2022, we will see risk-taking through color,” says Sherer. “Unusual and outside-the-box combinations will add interest to interiors and exteriors, making us think about color in a new way.  For example, more saturated hues will be used as neutrals—like lavender, peach, and green [rather than] beige, grays, and white.”

Color trend predictions 2022 - Ocean Abyss paint in bedroom

Courtesy of Behr

Jewel Tones

Ashley McCollum from Glidden by PPG says, “We see homeowners gravitating more towards rich, deep jewel tones, evoking the go-to glamour of Gatsby’s roaring ’20s. A dark, shaded raspberry purple [is] perfect for an office, [or a] dark, muted apricot-orange [is] great for a master bath.”

Color trend predictions 2022 - Gooseberry paint by PPG

Courtesy of PPG

Natural Inspiration

“With an increased focus on health and wellness in 2021 and carrying over to 2022, we’re seeing a shift towards colors found in nature—especially greens,” says McCollum. “In the past year, we’ve also seen an increase in the use of natural woods and wooden elements, further bringing the healing, rejuvenating power of nature into our homes.”

“Blue and green colors often seen in nature help restore a sense of calmness and balance in room settings,” agrees Woelfel.

“Muted earth tones combined with natural textures will be big in 2022,” adds Woolsey. “As we recover from the two years of chaos and uncertainty, we will find ways to envelope ourselves in the warmth and comfort of natural splendor. To bring that sensibility into our dwellings can change our mindset from [one] of longing to gratitude.”

Color trend predictions 2022 - Green paint by Glidden

Courtesy of PPG

Digital Colors

Sue Wadden of Sherwin-Williams predicts that, in 2022, more people will be “exploring more digital colors or hues with cooler undertones—a microtrend that is influenced by us staring at our screens while we’ve all been navigating this new hybrid world.” 

Color trend predictions for 2022 - Sherwin-Williams digital colors

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Goodbye, Gray

“We are moving away from monotonous neutrals and craving color!” says Sherer. “Ubiquitous whites and grays in interiors are starting to incorporate brighter and bolder hues.”

“While neutrals are still the most popular color choice, homeowners seem to be moving away from gray and more toward warm neutrals with a touch of color,” agrees McCollum.

“Grays are trending out after a good 10-year run,” adds Galvao. “The pendulum swings again!”