The 2022 Decor Trend for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

A modern neutral living room with plants

FollowTheFlow / Getty Images

While it's always exciting to see what the newest home decor trends are for the upcoming year, 2022 has us reevaluating some priorities and choosing things that are calm and comforting rather than over the top and edgy.

From adding new plant life to neutral color schemes to DIY accents, plenty of trends are following us into 2022. However, trying to incorporate a ton of different options at once can feel a bit overwhelming—so where do you start?

Our zodiac signs can give some insight not only into our personalities, but how to style and design our homes to best suit our needs. Check out your zodiac sign below to see which home decor trend for 2022 is the best fit for you.

Aries: Entangled Spaces

The line between separate rooms has felt a little less clear as we’ve moved throughout the year, and the trend will likely continue into 2022. As an Aries, you enjoy moving from location to location without much interference—you want to be able to get things done as quickly and easily as possible. As long as the space isn’t cluttered, you have no problem with a more open concept idea.

Taurus: Luxurious Textiles

Comfort is essentially your middle name, Taurus. The layering of different textures and styles can help bring any space to life, and provides some serious comfort after a long day. Whether you use the soft textures to add a pop of color, or simply to add some depth to a more neutral, calm environment, it’s important to you that your space doesn’t feel as though it’s falling flat.

Gemini: Multifunctional Spaces

This is no surprise, Gemini, given how you have no issue with taking on multiple tasks at once. You’re likely already rocking the bedroom/office work-from-home feel, and your living room has probably played host to far more activities than just sitting back and bingeing Netflix. While you may switch things around, you’re likely not going to let go of the multi-purpose room trend moving into 2022—especially if you’re working with a smaller space. 

Cancer: DIY Accents

The DIY trend in home decor isn’t going anywhere next year. Creating personalized accents for home decor not only became a staple of so many trying to pass the time, but for those who truly realize how many elegant items they can create themselves without compromising style or budget—like you, Cancer. Your love of personal touches and sentimental values lends itself perfectly to this trend.

Leo: Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Mid-century modern styles are a beloved addition to plenty of contemporary homes. Some experts predict a rise in trends such as curved furniture that makes a statement—and who better to make a statement than you, Leo? You have no problem going against the grain a little to showcase your home, and switching out furniture with sharp, rigid lines for something a bit softer and glamourous is right up your alley.

Virgo: Plant Life

Incorporating more plant life into our homes is a continuing theme for 2022. A breath of fresh air and a feeling of bringing the outdoors in has us collecting more varieties of plants to serve as a fresh dose of color and life into our space. Given your affinity for caretaking and attention to detail, Virgo, bringing in a host of plant life that ranges in skill level from beginner to expert makes sense—and you would be the person who would actually dedicate the time to fully ensuring all your plants are taken care of.

Libra: Shades of Green

The color green has really been making its mark in the decor world lately, and it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s an affiliation to plant life or trying to inspire earthy tones that make our indoor spaces feel more connected to the outdoors, various shades of green are weaving their way into homes—something you are totally on board with, Libra. Some experts are even predicting a pairing of green and pink shades, which would be a perfect fit for you—the personality, charm, and the combo of warmth and feeling grounded will be much needed for you moving into 2022.

Scorpio: Statement Lighting

An increase in statement lighting seems to be piquing the interest of many as we transition into the next year. Lighting that functions as something artistic as well as functional is a great fit for you, Scorpio. You prefer to have lighting that can be easily adjusted to your mood to create some ambiance, so perhaps a few small lighting options around your home could be the optimal move to add pieces that make a statement without harshing the sanctuary you’ve created.

Sagittarius: Japandi Style

The mix of Scandinavian and Japanese-inspired themes is making its way into 2022. The sustainable, minimalist style brings to mind a sense of simplicity with artistic elements. While you may not have been able to be out of your house as much as you would like, you’ve been focusing a bit more on your home and creating a space that is both comforting yet not calculated and rigid—so the Japandi style is an ideal trend for you to incorporate this upcoming year.

Capricorn: Neutral Color Schemes

While neutral tones are always a classic, the desire for stability and a peaceful environment will still play a big role in our home decor choices for the next year. Neutral palettes provide a soothing foundation that can work within a variety of styles—and as a Capricorn who appreciates both something dependable as well as stylish, it’s no surprise that you will be fully embracing the earthy, natural hues in your space.

Aquarius: Sustainable Materials

Our eyes have been collectively moving to more sustainable materials in our purchases over the last few years—and for good reason. The discovery of repurposing items or opting for used, stylish options over shelling out loads of cash for something new has become a much more common concept in our day-to-day, especially when it comes to budgeting and trying to plan ahead for the future. You’re often associated with eco-friendly and sustainable methods, Aquarius, given your desire to actually want the world to be a better place and want to do your part in helping that process.

Pisces: Vintage Flair

Like your Aquarius friends, you will likely be gravitating towards reusing older items in your home decor—which is no surprise as vintage styles seem to be making a comeback for 2022. You tend to be pretty nostalgic and you love embracing artistic, sentimental items from the past and using them in new ways. From thrift stores, flea markets, or even obtaining some older items from relatives who aren’t using them anymore, you definitely have plenty to work with to add vintage concepts into your home.