7 Bathroom Trends Designers Already Love for 2023

From natural vanities to lots of color.

Neutral white bathroom with natural wood vanity

Cathie Hong Interiors

With a new year just a couple calendar flips away, we have our eye on the latest and greatest in design trends for the upcoming year—especially when it comes to bathrooms. Come 2023, if you’re looking to refresh your home’s smallest, yet one of its most important, spaces, we’re here to cheer you on. Since you’re working with limited square footage in a bathroom, that gives you a little wiggle room to experiment with new looks, whether that’s wild wallpaper, a cabinetry trend, or otherwise.

We tapped several interior designers to reveal what bathroom design trends they’re most excited about for 2023. From small upgrades to full remodels, each of these ideas would invigorate your bathroom's design.

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    Adding Drama

    2023 bathroom trends

    Design: Shannon Crain Design; Photo: Rachel Alyse Photography

    Of any space in your home, you should feel the most emboldened to go, well, bold in a bathroom. The small square footage ensures standout features—like dramatic wallpaper and dark paint—don't overwhelm the tiny space or anyone who may visit that all-important room. 

    Think of it this way, according to interior designer Shannon Crain: “Moody baths are like statement jewelry for the home,” she says. “These intimate spaces are meant to be special, memorable, and bold.”

    These intimate spaces are meant to be special, memorable, and bold.

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    Naturalistic Vanities

    Neutral white bathroom with natural wood vanity

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    “Wood is back,” interior designer Sarah Cole declares. After years of painted gray or white vanities dominating bathroom design, Cole says it’s time to embrace the use of natural wood cabinetry in bathrooms. “Wood offers a warmth and organic element that a painted finish lacks, and it creates a rich and more complex materials palette for a bathroom,” she says.


    According to Cole, the key to making wood cabinetry look on-trend is to keep the door style simple and classic.

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    Patterned Drapery

    2023 bathroom trends

    Design: Lila Malone Interiors; Photo: Rachel Alyse Photography

    You may have noticed the trend of patterned drapery making its way into all areas of a home, from living rooms to kids’ bedrooms and, now, bathrooms. According to interior designer Lila Malone, it's for a good reason. 

    “Because bathrooms are generally made up of all hard surfaces—tile, stone, plumbing, hardware, and mirrors—adding a layer of texture and pattern with window treatments can really soften the space and add some warmth to an otherwise cold room,” she says. 

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    Color, Color, and More Color

    2023 bathroom trends

    BLDC Design

    In 2023, color will continue to be interjected into bathroom spaces, according to interior designer Dawn Cook of BLDC Design. “Whether it's color on plumbing, lighting, or stone, clients are craving a pop in the bathroom,” she says.

    That could mean intense jewel tones or soft pastels, but it definitely doesn't mean one thing: “We are starting to see a move away from all-white bathrooms,” Cook says.

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    Vertical Lines

    2023 bathroom trends

    Design: Amanda Lodge Interiors; Photo: Rachel Alyse Photography

    No one would blame you if you’re tempted to arrange long subway tiles in your bathroom, as they’re a classic. Interior designer Amanda Lodge is a fan of turning that trend on its head, though—literally.

    In 2023, she’s envisioning a takeover of vertical lines, whether in tile or in cabinetry. It’s a fresh, unexpected take on traditional bathroom must-haves.

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    Statement Tiling

    Bathroom trends 2023

    Design: Sarah Cole Interiors; Photo: Michael J. Lee

    Cole is calling it now: in 2023, look for complex and interesting bathroom floors, like mosaics in custom patterns and colors. Since bathroom floors generally aren’t very large, they’re a place in which a higher-priced tile won’t break the bank.

    “Gone are the plain, large format floor tiles,” she says. “These complex mosaics make the floor a focal point, and they provide a great opportunity to introduce a good dose of pattern and color into a bathroom.”

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    Investing in Quality Materials

    2023 bathroom trends

    BLDC Design

    We all need a quiet place where we can close the door, draw a bath, and forget about that aggravating email. Since we’re all so busy in our day-to-day lives, Cook has been seeing clients prioritize high-quality yet low-maintenance bathrooms—and they’re willing to pay the proper price for them. 

    “Clients like to ensure their baths have functioning, high-quality plumbing, and they will pay for it,” she says. “Minimalistic bathrooms with large format porcelain tiles for easy maintenance and clean-lined plumbing fixtures, with natural light in the space, are always in demand. From soaking tubs to rainshower heads, clients expect to pay more to have the quality they need for the few moments they take to themselves.”