Behr's 2023 Exterior Color of the Year Is a Rich, Timeless Hue

Outdoor seating Berh's 2023 outdoor stain of the year on the ceiling panels

Courtesy of Behr Paints

Just in time to refresh your outdoor space for the spring and summer seasons, Behr has announced their first-ever Exterior Wood Stain Color of the Year. Their selection, Cordovan Brown, is a tranquil deep brown tone that provides a seamless transition from your outdoor spaces to your indoor spaces. Plus, this brown hue is timeless and pairs perfectly with Behr's 2023 Paint Color of the Year, Blank Canvas.

Behr announced this first-ever addition to their Color of the Year line-up on April 4, perfectly in time with spring approaching and the start of outdoor decorating.

"With spring right around the corner, we decided it was perfect timing to introduce our 2023 Exterior Stain Color of the Year," says Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color & Creative Services at Behr.

Outdoor seating with Behr's 2023 stain of the year on the floor panels

Courtesy of Behr Paints

Transforming Spaces With Color

In the last few years, an increased focus on carefully curated outdoor recreational spaces meant has resulted in people wanting to do more with their outdoor spaces. Behr's Exterior Wood Stain Color of the Year brings an elevated appeal to your outdoor gathering.

Brown is a color that practically defines the outdoors—it easily adds nature's touch to any room in your home. Picking the wrong shade of brown, though, can easily turn a space that should be tranquil into a space that overexcites the mind. This shade is brown is just neutral enough to blend into your landscape while adding some definition to your exterior.

Behr was hoping to eliminate the need for wood stain uncertainty with this outdoor color of the year, proving that stains are just as important to the feel of a space as paint is.

“We believe wood stains hold just as much power as paint. They offer a polished finish on decks, porches, doors, and more, which can enhance the overall curb appeal,” Woelfel says.

The exterior color comes in a variety of finishes, personalized to your outdoor entertaining needs. The shade blends seamlessly with many architectural styles—from traditional to modern and everything in between.

"Cordovan Brown is a classic color that comes in multiple finishes and will remain timeless for years to come," Woelfel says. "From front-facing curb appeal to backyard entertainment areas, Cordovan Brown will transform a space and enhance the aesthetic for a polished finish."

Effortlessly Make a Statement

While the color makes a statement on its own, it also works perfectly with neutrals and can even be paired with cool greens and blues to give your home's exterior, porches, patios, decks, and gazebos a sophisticated and serene atmosphere. Cordovan Brown is versatile enough for DIYers and professionals alike to use in their projects.

"Whether it is a fence refresh or complete deck makeover, Cordovan Brown makes a statement with its rich hue," Woelfel says.

Not sure how to add this shade to your spring and summer outdoor projects? Behr's website provides plenty of inspiration for making this shade pop.

"Our goal is to make the color selection process easier, so projects can get done quicker,” Jodi Allen, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Behr, says.

Behr Paints can be bought exclusively at The Home Depot, and you can find Cordovan Brown specifically in Behr's various exterior stain formulas.

Our goal is to make the color selection process easier, so projects can get done quicker.

Home entrance with Behr's 2023 Stain of the Year on the steps

Courtesy of Behr Paints