Etsy Reveals Top Home Trend Predictions for 2023

And not one, but two colors of the year

Etsy's home decor trends for 2023

Photos: Etsy / Image Treatment: The Spruce

Trend forecasting for 2023 is well underway, with many designers, paint brands, and color experts predicting what is going to be big in the home space for the new year. Etsy has joined in on the fun, releasing a collection of home trends that they predict will take off in 2023—alongside two Colors of the Year selections: Indigo and Honeycomb.

According to Etsy's data report, duality is going to be a key theme for 2023. Several home trends play on this notion of duality and juxtaposition, showing that opposite trends can exist simultaneously, like statement marbles and "melting" objects, which are both trending for the upcoming year.

We are recapping Etsy's home trend predictions below, with input from Etsy trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson. Read on for a first look at what home decor trends are going to rule 2023.

Meet the Expert

Dayna Isom Johnson is Etsy’s resident trend expert. She is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest products, keeping an eye on the latest trends, up-and-coming designers, and sellers with exciting stories.

Indigo and Honeycomb

For the first time, Etsy chose two defining colors for 2023: deep, moody indigo alongside bright and sunny honeycomb. The contrast was intentional, as Etsy notes that 2023 is about embracing contrast and exploring opposites.

"With trend cycles moving faster than ever, the concept of duality is emerging as a key theme for 2023, as several trends show they can coexist simultaneously," Dayna Isom Johnson, resident Etsy trend expert, notes. "And in the spirit of duality, we decided to select our first-ever dual Colors of the Year, both Indigo and Honeycomb, for the year ahead."

The stories behind these shades are reflective of where we have been and hopeful for where we are going. "A beautiful blend of blue and violet, Indigo represents wisdom and intuition, while also carrying with it a futuristic tone," Johnson tells us. "On the other hand, Honeycomb symbolizes warmth and positive energy, and calls to mind the beautifully complex dwellings that bees construct."

To embrace these shades in your home, try incorporating pops of blue through pillows and throws, and incorporate bursts of honeycomb yellow in stoneware, artwork, and more. "What I love about having these two colors of the year is that they not only make a statement when shown individually, but they also perfectly complement each other when paired together," Johnson shares.

Indigo and honeycomb colors of the year for 2023

Courtesy of Etsy

Statement Marble

Marble is a material that will always be in style, which is quite a brag in today's rapidly moving trend cycle. Its dimension, visual interest, and made-to-last texture make marble exactly the type of trend homeowners can feel confident investing in.

"I’m personally loving the statement marble trend, which is showing everywhere, from custom-carved sinks to kitchen accessories," Johnson says. "These fresh takes on marble—like colored marble or patterns featuring heavy veining—are unique and make any decor piece a standout conversation starter."

Etsy sees a rise in marble-related searches, from a 183% increase for marble sinks to a 117% increase for marble coasters. Though the classic, white marble is a timeless look, find ways to have fun with the material for 2023. Incorporate marble in different colors, like lavender or emerald green, and try smaller marble objects, like candlestick holders and coasters.

Marble trend objects

Courtesy of Etsy

Melting Forms

In contrast to strong and sturdy marble are home decor pieces that have a "left out in the sun" look. Melting forms and objects are pegged to be another trend for 2023, which feels like a smooth progression from last year's wavy object trend. The melted look is a bit freer and more organic, which looks great in objects like mirrors, candles, bowls, and glassware.

Etsy has seen an 8% increase in searches for melting or molten items, and they expect this number to grow in the coming year.

Trending melting objects in home decor

Courtesy of Etsy