Febreze Predicts That This Earthy Scent Is Going to Define 2023

Meet their Scent of the Year selection, Mountain

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Febreze 2023 scent of the year announcement, Mountain.

Courtesy of Febreze

Here at The Spruce, we've covered dozens of trends for the upcoming year, from colors to home decor to Pinterest's top predictions. If there's an emerging trend, we've got our eyes on it—and the next emerging prediction for 2023 has arrived: the scent of the year.

We're welcoming in the defining scent of the year, presented by one other than the scent extraordinaires at Febreze, which they deemed as Mountain—an earthy, sophisticated scent inspired by nature. Evoking the feeling of the great outdoors, Febreze selected Mountian to keep homeowners connected to the earth and inspired by nature in all that they do.

To dive deeper into this scent selection, we spoke with master perfumer Rafael Trujillo of the Febreze Fragrance Group. He sheds light on how the scent was conceptualized and what research goes into defining the "scent of the year."

Meet the Expert

Rafael Trujillo is a master perfumer and member of the Febreze Fragrance Group. He is one of 20 P&G perfumers worldwide who help bring products to market with unique and memorable scents.

Febreze Air Refresher in Mountain

Febreze Air Refresher in Mountain


Mountain's scent profile consists of alpine, crisp fruit, wildflower, and woodsy cedar—all scents meant to evoke the feeling of stepping outdoors on a cool winter day.

Mountain is actually an entirely new scent for Febreze, developed to hopefully bring the serenity of the great outdoors into your home for 2023—and Trujillo hopes the scent will allow people to "escape" from everyday life, right at home. It was essential for Febreze to work nature into the scent of the year for 2023, and Trujillo cites that connection to nature as the foundation for their selection.

"Well-being was a priority for people over the last three years, making nature-forward scent trends rise to the top in popularity," he tells The Spruce. "Connection with nature has become an essential part of life, and the team at Febreze continually works to develop scents that people connect with and crave."

Mountain came to fruition through intensive research and development, including analysis of scent and trend forecasts. And through this research, Febreze identified that wellness, the need for increased mindfulness, and the thirst for the outdoors were of top priority to people this upcoming year.

Mountain scent notes

Courtesy of Febreze

The "outdoorsy" theme is one we've spotted for interiors this year as well—as an answer to the ever-popular coastal grandmother that dominated last year, many trend forecasters had their eyes on cabin chic and "apres ski" decor. Any way to cozy up our homes and embrace nature is all the rage for the upcoming year.

"With its combination of unique odor-fighting technology and a powerful yet calming scent that honors the beauty of nature, Febreze Mountain is a great way for people to personalize and enjoy their space," Trujillo says.

Though many of us are loyal to our favorite home fragrances, Febreze is hoping this new scent can refresh and inspire our homes. And why not try something new for 2023? If you need us, we'll be embracing our apres ski and plugging in a Mountain air freshener.