5 Outdoor Decorating Trends Experts Say Will Bloom in 2023

Outdoor decor trends for 2023


Finally—the outdoor season is just around the corner. Warmer days are coming, which means now is the perfect time to plan ahead and make the most of your garden, patio, or backyard.

Because we love our exteriors to be just as chic and trendy as our interiors, we turned to the experts to find out what is trending this year in the world of outdoor decor. And, when it comes down to it, every trend has the same goal: creating the perfect, usable outdoor space.

“All of this year’s trends speak to the ability to turn your yard into a relaxing, healthful, and healing green space for yourself, your community, and the planet,” Kendra Poppy, trends expert and head of brand for Yardzen says. Read on to see what else our experts had to say.

Meet the Expert

  • Kendra Poppy is the trends expert and head of brand for Yardzen, an online landscape design platform.
  • Dan Cooper is the head grill master at Weber, sharing outdoor tips, techniques and inspiration.
Immersive backyard


Organic Style

While style is trending organic in all areas, from fashion to interiors and even to tablescapes, it especially makes sense outside. As Poppy points out, many of the trends they're seeing at Yardzen this year focus on being more environmentally friendly—and that's a great thing.

“I'm ready to say goodbye to overly manicured yards and embrace organic style, maximalist plantings, and ‘the new lawn,’ all of which are inherently low-maintenance and good for the planet,” Poppy says.

It's time to embrace the natural form of the outdoors by allowing for some wildness in the yard, emphasizing flowers, shrubs, and stone over a large, green lawn. "This approach, which maximizes low-intervention native and pollinator plants, is also a winning recipe for creating a habitat at home," Poppy says.

Maximalist backyard


Wellness Yards

There’s been a major emphasis on physical and mental wellness in recent years, and Poppy says this is reflected in outdoor design. Creating joy and serenity in the yard is going to be a large focus this season, and your yard should be a destination of relaxation.

“Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, we're encouraging our clients to optimize their yards for happiness, health, connection, and sustainability, which means choosing thoughtful design styles,” she says.  

Wellness backyard


“Get Your Hands Dirty” Edible Gardens 

Another trend the team at Yardzen expects to see carry on through 2023 is the continuation of edible gardens. Since 2020, they've seen requests for gardens and raised beds increase every year, and that trend is not showing any sign of stopping. Homeowners want to get their hands dirty and grow their own food—and we're on board.

Edible gardens


Year-Round Outdoor Kitchens and Barbecue Stations

According to Dan Cooper, the head grill master at Weber, elevated outdoor kitchens and experimental barbecue stations are on the rise this summer.

 “We’re seeing more people stay at home and cook rather than go out for meals,” Coope says. “I’m a firm believer that barbecues aren’t just built for cooking burgers and sausages—there is so much more for people to experience, such as a breakfast burrito or duck confit.” 

As people become more comfortable with outdoor meal prep, Cooper also predicts grilling stations and external kitchens that are designed to function even in less-than-ideal weather.

“When people design their outdoor grilling areas, they should make it a space that is suitable to be used whatever the weather, not an area that can be closed off when the days get shorter," he says. "This means an area that is covered, safe, and comfortable to be cooking in all year round, come rain or shine.” 

Outdoor dining station


Plunge Pools

While swimming pools are on most people’s dream lists, Poppy says a different body of water has taken off in recent years. The plunge pool has been a runaway hit, and Poppy thinks it's here to stay.

“Homeowners are looking for alternatives to the old way of doing things in their yards, and the traditional swimming pool is on top of the list for disruption," she tells us.

So, what is it about plunge pools that are so appealing? "Plunge pools are perfect for a ‘sip and a dip,’ require significantly fewer inputs, like water and maintenance, making them a more cost-effective and climate-responsible approach to cooling off at home,” Poppy explains. “Plus, you can heat many of them, which means they can double as both a hot tub and a cold plunge.” 

Plunge pool