Yelp Reveals 2023 Home Trend Predictions With Jojo Fletcher

Jojo Fletcher sitting on the floor of neutral living room.

Photo: Yelp / Image Treatment: The Spruce

2023 is already looking bright. Designers have already pegged several design trends that they are expecting to boom in the coming year, and now, trusted crowdsourced authority Yelp is jumping in on the fun. With help from former Bachelorette and home design lover, Jojo Fletcher, Yelp announced their top takes on what we'll see in 2023—and spoiler: we're in full support of their selections.

Read on to explore Yelp's home trend predictions, from vintage-inspired accents to playful wall tiles. Plus, get a chance to hear Fletcher's favorite trends and what she's incorporating into her home in the new year.

Meet the Expert

Jojo Fletcher is well known for her time as the Bachelorette, but she is also a real estate developer and television personality. She recently launched a home decor line with Design Styles.


The gallery wall will forever be a classic for decorating walls in a meaningful, impactful way. But, as we all know, framing and hanging each picture to precision can be totally time-consuming. Fletcher agrees, noting that Yelp has seen a rise in custom framing—and this could be the solution we've been looking for.

"Gallery walls are such a great, eclectic way to add your personal style to your art displays, but they sometimes can feel tough to fully curate," Fletcher explains. "That being said, searches for custom framing have increased on Yelp, which is a great solution. I’m glad people are still trying it in their own homes, because gallery walls are beautiful."

Finding a great pro framer in your budget is a surefire solution. Now, if only someone would come to hang the pictures up in your home, too.

Naturalistic Materials

Fletcher tells Yelp that using nature to inspire her designs is going to roll over into the new year, without a doubt.

"Recently, I’ve been finding myself reaching for nature-inspired materials more often than not," she tells Yelp. "For 2023, I’m excited to incorporate earth tones into this classic trend and beyond, using warm color tones and textures in rusts, sage greens, and browns. Earth tones are definitely here to stay."

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With searches for limewash paint increasing a whopping 79% in the past year, it's clear this old-world design technique is due for a resurgence in 2023.

"I am loving the limewashing trend. Some may not know this, but limewashing is actually not a new thing—the technique dates way back, but like with many other things, we are seeing that old warm charm design coming back around," Fletcher explains. "This painting technique immediately transforms a space into feeling more 'lived in' and warm by creating visual interest through movement and texture."

Limewashing is a way to add depth, texture, and visual interest to your otherwise stark walls. "Texture has always been a huge player in my personal design aesthetic to create a cozy environment and I love that we are seeing it again in wall applications."

Vintage-Inspired Accents

Secondhand shopping has risen in popularity over the past year, and with that comes unique, vintage-inspired accents. Yelp notes that decorators not only want to source one-of-a-kind antiques for their home, but also make efforts to shop more sustainably.

"Vintage decor is a beautiful, perfect way to add that timeless and unique feel to any space you’re designing," Fletcher says. "One of my best-kept secrets is finding top-rated small businesses on Yelp to discover local vintage gems at a great price, from rugs to furniture to decor and art."

Vintage, textured bedroom with colorful bedding.

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Leading With Lighting

Lighting is continuing to define spaces, and designers are ditching harsh, overhead lighting in favor of more comfortable, ambient lighting. Fletcher is a huge proponent of a cozy lighting scheme.

"Lighting plays such a huge factor in a space, and my love for ambient or dimmable lighting in all areas of a home knows no bounds," Fletcher shares. "Not only can mood lighting be achieved with beautiful fixtures, which can often be a focal point in a space, it also plays such a big part in your overall mood and ambiance of your home."

Vintage, rustic living space with dangling lights.

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