20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

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Checking off your 20th year of marriage is a big milestone—you've grown together, weathered many storms, set a solid foundation, and may have even added more members to your family. Your 20th anniversary is a year for looking back on where you've been and looking forward to where you're headed. Reflecting on the commitment you made to a lifetime of partnership is a great way to celebrate this special time—and so are gifts.

Anniversary gifts are a common and thoughtful way many couples choose to honor another year of marriage together. While the individual gifts chosen may differ depending on the couple and their interests, there are also some quintessential anniversary gifts that are perennially popular. Additionally, each year of marriage has a "traditional" and a "modern" theme for gifting—for couples celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is china and the modern gift theme is platinum. Here are some 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas to inspire your surprise for that special someone.

20th Anniversary Gift Themes
Traditional gift China
Modern gift Platinum
Anniversary gemstone Emerald
Anniversary color Emerald green, white
Anniversary flower Daylily

China for 20th Anniversary

China is the traditional gift of a 20th wedding anniversary, symbolizing the beautiful and delicate balance of your love over the past 20 years. While tabletop decor is a no-brainer when it comes to china-themed gifts, you are not confined to just dinner plates when buying for your loved one. Items like picture frames, vases, trinket boxes, decorative objects, and home decor items can all be creative ways to satisfy the gifting theme.

Platinum Gifts

Platinum is a strong and resilient metal, making it an apt comparison for your 20-year marriage. Luckily, the common material offers a multitude of gift possibilities as well. Jewelry—including rings, necklaces, and earrings—and accessories, such as cufflinks or money clips, are sure to be a hit. You can also consider decor objects made from metal, like a timeless picture frame holding a favorite shot from your wedding day.

Emerald Gemstone

The official 20th anniversary gemstone is the emerald, a stone with a long history of love. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to associate the gemstone with Venus, the goddess of love, and warriors used to carry emerald talismans into battle for protection. In modern times, emerald stones have held onto that storied connection—they are almost universally recognized as the stone associated with love, hope, and protection. Consider gifting the stone set into a piece of platinum jewelry (like a pair of earrings, cufflinks, or ring) to truly embody all the 20th anniversary stands for.

Colors for 20th Anniversary

Both emerald green and white are considered traditional colors for a 20th wedding anniversary. The best part: If you're thinking of gifting with these colors in mind, the possibilities are truly endless. Anything fits the bill, from attire in one of the hues to a piece of home decor, a painting, or even a car (hey, dream big!). If you also plan to throw a party to honor your 20th wedding anniversary, you can use the emerald and white palette as a jumping-off point for all your decor, including tablecloths, streamers, balloons, and cake decorations.

An Anniversary Flower

The traditional 20th anniversary flower is the daylily. Daylilies are rugged and strong, just like your marriage, but this flower also represents coquetry, such as the flirting, playful behavior you have toward each other that has sustained your love for 20 years. Surprise your loved one with a bouquet of daylilies for the occasion, or plant a garden together in your backyard that includes the flower. Trust us, it will bring a smile to your face every time you tend to it.


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Ways to Celebrate Your 20th Anniversary

There's no right way to celebrate a special wedding anniversary—truly, the best thing to do is what makes you two happy as a couple. For some, that may mean planning a trip somewhere new and extraordinary or recreating your honeymoon in Hawaii decades later. Or, maybe you want to throw a party—a 20th anniversary bash is a great reason to gather your crew of loved ones together and pay tribute to your love story (and all the people that helped you along the way). You can even consider renewing your vows for the occasion, either informally (like rereading them to each other in front of close family) or officially, by asking a pastor or officiant to observe your renewal ceremony.

Of course, chill anniversary celebrations are also welcome. If a cozy dinner out just you two or a takeout picnic in the living room is more your style, go right ahead and celebrate whatever way you see fit. Our one recommendation: At some point during your celebration, snap a picture to remember the occasion. You'll be happy you did, come your 30th anniversary!