Best Home Decor Gifts From Black-Owned Businesses and Brands

If you want to buy one for yourself, go for it… you deserve some cheer, too!

gift ideas from Black-owned businesses, including canvas pot, bae pillow cover, plant-lover's mug, ladies' night print

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Looking back on the tumultuous events of 2020, it’s easy to imagine that your loved ones are longing for something cheerful right for Valentine's Day.

2020 was filled with nationwide protests against racial injustice. Many Americans began acknowledging the fact that the status quo has long excluded, muted, and underserved the country’s Black citizens. 

With this shift in awareness came a concerted effort to amplify the voices of those who’ve been overlooked. Companies of all kinds pledged to boost diversity and inclusion in their business framework, hiring practices, and content. (Read The Spruce’s Pledge here.)

Black-owned businesses, creatives and artisans were thrust into the spotlight as publications, social media platforms, and consumers alike began focusing on representation.

As part of our commitment to highlighting BIPOC creators, we’ve compiled a Valentine's Day gift guide featuring homewares created by Black artists, sold at Black-owned stores, or both. Some products incorporate centuries-old African designs, while others take their cues from the current zeitgeist. 

Everyone from toddlers to in-laws to co-workers is covered here. You’ll find artwork to make their walls Zoom-ready, throw blankets to keep them warm, and tools to foster their latest hobby. There’s something unique for every budget and aesthetic—whether your giftee’s style is minimalist, whimsical, or traditional. 

By adding these items to your shopping list, you’ll be supporting Black-owned indie businesses and giving your friends and family the gift of some much-needed holiday cheer. And if you want to throw in one of these presents for yourself, that’s quite alright … you deserve some cheer, too!

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    Love Jones Candle

    love jones candle

    Freres Branchiaux

    With a heady mixture of fruity and floral notes, this soy-coconut blended candle is meant to “remind you of the essence of love.” It’s one of many waxy wonders crafted by The Gill brothers, a trio of D.C.-based home fragrance entrepreneurs.

    Buy: $28, Freres Branchiaux

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    Plant Lover Mug

    plant mug


    Your green-thumbed Valentine will appreciate this coffee cup from artist Trini Gee. Her design depicts three different melanated plant enthusiasts, serving as a reminder that any and everyone can be a nature lover.

    Buy: $20, Etsy

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    "BAE!” Pillow Cover

    bae pillow


    When you’ve found the right one, you just know it. And this hand-embroidered pillow cover is a super fun way to show it. Featuring textiles from the New Denim Project’s sustainable design lab, you can find this eye-popping Pop Art piece at Harlem design hub NiLu.

    Buy: $75, NiLu

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    Amber Glass Cup Set of 2

    drinking glass

    Effortless Composition

    L.A. home décor haven Effortless Composition boasts a wide range of giftable goodies, but this set of glasses just screams “date night.” Dim the lights, pour yourselves something smooth and raise a toast to your romantic evening.

    Buy: $35, Effortless Composition

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    Alafia Storage Pot



    Pop something lovely and leafy in this sturdy, ankara-printed cotton pot and you’ve got a great gift. What’s more, this design from London-based Etsy seller OsimeHome has a dozen other handy uses — it can hold everything from utensils in the kitchen to beauty supplies in the bathroom.

    Buy: $31.30, Etsy

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    “I Am Everything” Affirmation Card Deck


    Uncommon Objects

    Self-care advocate Tarisha Clark created this set of 30 cards to act as daily pep talks. Give this gift of positivity to a loved one, or even to yourself, if you need a reminder of your own greatness. Bonus: Your purchase can help benefit the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, as part of Uncommon Goods’ Better to Give program.

    Buy: $15, Uncommon Objects

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    MiiR Widemouth Bottle

    water bottle

    Bloom and Plume

    Whether they prefer hot cocoa or some nice iced sweet tea, this to-go bottle will have your s/o sipping in style. It’s part of a design collaboration between drinkware brand MiiR and foodie florist Maurice Harris of L.A.’s Bloom and Plume.

    Buy: $32, Bloom and Plume

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    “Love” Print



    This print by artist Emma Hall is simple, but makes a big impact. If you’re looking for something heartwarming that’s a good fit for any kind of recipient — from Grandma to grade schooler — look no further.

    Buy: $49.80, Etsy

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    Little Sun Original Solar Lamp

    little sun


    Cue up Stevie Wonder’s “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” when it’s time to give this precious, yet practical gift and you’re sure to get bonus points for presentation. It’s a solar-powered tool that can light the way through darkness, or brighten up a gray winter’s day.

    Buy: $26, Goodee

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    Large Paper Vase



    Add some modern flair to the traditional bouquet of red roses. This avant-garde vase is made of water-resistant paper, hand sewn, and can be reused time and again. Find it at beachy Southampton boutique Hidden Gem.

    Buy: $25, Hidden Gem NY

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    “Nurturing Heart” Handmade Pressed Flower Wall Art

    framed wall art


    Give the gift of blossoms that will stand the test of time. Artist Jasmine Irons-Anokute creates made-to-order art featuring pressed and framed real flowers. Each piece is as unique as your special someone.

    Buy: $130, Etsy

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    Garden Growing Kit

    grow kit


    Roses are red, violets are blue. Now you can teach your littlest Valentine about loving veggies, too. This kit includes organic seeds for growing carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and basil, plus a set of paints to decorate the four terra cotta pots.

    Buy: $29.99, Black Toy Store

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    “Ladies Night” Print

    ladies night print


    Maybe Galentine’s Day is more your speed. If so, you can gift this fierce and fun Lo Harris art print to your entire girl gang.

    Buy: Starting at $28.99, Society6

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    Rose Quartz Catchall

    rose quartz hands


    These helping hands crafted out of rose quartz — a.k.a, “the love stone” — are just right for cradling jewels or any other trinkets that need safe keeping.

    Buy: $40, Etsy

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    Art Tray

    art tray

    Rituals and Ceremony

    Whatever confections you choose to express your affection — from chocolate-covered strawberries to bon bons — they’ll fit perfectly on one of these responsibly sourced birchwood trays sold at Brooklyn lifestyle store Rituals and Ceremony.

    Buy: $36, Rituals + Ceremony

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    Ankara Print Knot Cushion

    Ankara Print Knot Cushion

    Simone Bresi-Ando

    Brooklyn-based British designer Simone Bresi-Ando makes one-of-a-kind home decor pieces. Her West African-inspired cotton cushions are just the thing to liven up any sofa that’s gotten a little shabby.

    Buy: $180, Uncommon Goods

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    Macrame Wall Hanging

    Macrame Wall Hanging


    The macrame trend is still going strong and Iowa-based textile artist Candice Luter is making the most of it. Her fiber wall hangings feature avant-garde shapes and configurations, while some—like her “fringe mirrors”—are practical to boot. She can also dye one of her natural cotton rope creations to the color of your choice.

    Buy: $215, Etsy

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    Emuna Kaya Face Pot

    Emuna Kaya Face Pot


    Bohemian-modern home goods guru Justina Blakeney designed this planter for her Jungalow collection. The hand-painted ceramic vessel gives off green goddess vibes; now, all it needs is the perfect botanical companion.

    Buy: $79, Jungalow

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    Hip-Hop Periodic Table Print

    Hip hop periodic table

    The Black Toy Store

    From old-school players to new-school fools, this playful print drops science by honoring some of the most elemental figures in rap. MC Lyte, The Roots, Tupac, and E-40 are just a few of the faces clustered together on this frame worthy grid.

    Buy: $30, The Black Toy Store 

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    ‘Dream Chair’ Throw Pillow

    ‘Dream Chair’ Throw Pillow


    Pair one of author-illustrator Vashti Harrison’s inspirational children’s books with this cuddly cushion and you have the perfect gift set for your favorite little bookworm.

    Buy: $30, Society6

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    Plateau Basket

    Plateau Basket

    Sustainable Home Goods

    These baskets were handmade by Zambian craftswomen who wove together palm leaves and recycled plastic to make each one-of-a-kind piece. They’re perfect as wall decor or as a coffee table catchall.

    Buy: $79, Sustainable Home Goods

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    ‘Little George’ Print

    Little Gorge Print

    All Very Goods

    Artist Ama Schulman creates prints, bandanas, enamel pins and more in her Washington, D.C. studio. Her collection features a soul-stirring homage to traditional African motifs, as well as retro and futuristic African-American symbols.

    Buy: $25, All Very Goods

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    Mudcloth Table Runner

    Mud cloth table runner

    xN Studio

    This organic cotton runner was handmade in Mali and makes for a stately setting for any holiday feast. Each design is unique and the runner is machine washable, so you can rid it of turkey gravy or sweet potato pie stains and reuse it for many meals to come.

    Buy: $50, xN Studio

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    ‘Just in Case You Want to Fly’ Print

    Just in Case You Want to Fly print

    Gallery Nucleus

    Award-winning children’s book author-illustrator Christian Robinson has poured his creativity into a whole host of colorful, thoughtful and uplifting books for kids. Each of his pages feels like a work of art, so it’s no wonder that they make for perfect prints, just right for a nursery or playroom.

    Buy: $30, Gallery Nucleus

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    Sweet Home Café Cookbook

    Sweet Home Café Cookbook

    Smithsonian Store

    Nestled inside the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Sweet Home Café showcases the rich culinary legacy of the Black American diaspora, from traditional soul food to modern creations. The café’s official cookbook includes such map-spanning recipes as Hoppin’ John, Senegalese peanut soup, and barbecued beef brisket sandwich.

    Buy: $30, Smithsonian Store

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    The Plant Keeper Apron

    The Plant Keeper Apron

    Things by HC

    Artist Hilton Carter designed this apron with his fellow plant lovers in mind. It’s made with American Cone denim, and sturdy hand-worked leather pockets that can hold pens, tools, gloves, and more. Plus, the removable leather straps feature a sliding toggle for easy size adjustments.

    Buy: $100, Things by HC