28th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

28th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Just as an orchid plant is breathtaking, your 28th year of marriage can be a breathtaking time of change in your marriage as your children chart their own course in life and the two of you have more time alone together. As you celebrate your 28th wedding anniversary, reflect on how far the two of you have journeyed together.

28th Wedding Anniversary Traditions and Symbols

After 28 years, how do you make your anniversary special? Here are some symbols and traditions to consider as you make plans.

  • Traditional gift: There is no traditional gift for the 28th anniversary.
  • Contemporary/modern gift: Orchids.
  • Gemstone: Although there is no official gemstone for the 28th anniversary, amethyst, phosphosiderite, and orchid tourmaline all have orchid coloring.
  • Color: Orchid or lavender.
  • Flower: Orchids. In the language of flowers, orchids represent rare beauty, love, refinement, beautiful lady, mature charm, beauty, long life. Orchids are the Chinese symbol for many children and symbolize nobility, elegance, perfection, and friendship.

Ways to Celebrate

Think about orchids as you plan your special day. These fragile flowers come in a myriad of shapes and colors, yet only grow under just the right circumstance. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Plan a picnic near a field of lavender with orchid paper plates and cups
  • Use an orchid plant as a centerpiece for your anniversary dinner
  • Dinner at an Asian-themed restaurant that has orchids in their decor
  • A trip to Hawaii, Tahiti, or another romantic destination to look at orchids
  • A luau party closer to home (or a luau in your own home)

Gift Suggestions to Purchase

Orchids themselves make wonderful gifts, especially when you purchase a living plant. Be sure you know how to care for the orchid though: a withered anniversary gift is less than inspiring! If you don't choose to purchase a plant, you might want to consider buying or commissioning one of these special gifts:

  • Plates or cups featuring an orchid motif
  • Artwork built around the theme of orchids
  • A beautiful orchid society calendar
  • Orchid-themed stationery or cards
  • Orchid-themed jewelry

Whatever the event or gift you choose, remember that an anniversary is a celebration of your relationship. If orchids don't mean something special to you and your spouse, choose something that will make both of you smile. As you make your choice, ask yourself:

  • Is this something we will both enjoy together?
  • Can we make a new and wonderful memory with this gift or experience?
  • Will this gift help us to remember why we fell in love in the first place?