Delicious Lactose-Free Cake Recipes

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    Devil's Food Cake

    Allyson Kramer

    Cakes are the ultimate celebratory cuisine. These recipes will give you some ideas for your next lactose-free, dairy-free or vegan celebration.

    This delicious recipe of Vegan Devil's Food Cake is rich, dark chocolate, iced with a decadent vegan ganache. You even might want to consider a chocolate vegan ganache using this yummy Vegan Chocolate Frosting recipe. 

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    Vegan Chocolate Cake

    Vegan chocolate cake
    Susan Thompson Photography / Getty Images

    This Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe is a moist, yet lighter, chocolate cake perfectly suited for the vegan diet. Prepared with silken tofu, this cake has an added benefit of a bit of tofu-provided protein as well. 

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    Dairy-Free Yellow Cake

    Dairy-free yellow cake
    Will Heap / Getty Images

    Yellow cake is a perfect base for any flavor cake and a popular favorite for birthday cakes. This bright, moist Dairy-Free Yellow Cake complements a rich Dairy-Free Buttercream Frosting.

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    Rich Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake

    Dairy-free chocolate cake
    Szymon Plewa / STOCK4B / Getty Images

    A layered chocolate cake is ensconced in a rich dairy-free chocolate frosting.  Are you getting hungry yet? Try the Rich Dairy-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe and get ready to experience bliss in the form of a dairy-free dessert. 

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    Vegan King Cake

    King cake
    laartist / Getty Images

    A brown sugar-pecan filling is hidden within a slightly sweet yeast-based cake in this Vegan King Cake recipe that is adorned in a vegan icing and homemade Mardi Gras sprinkles. This cake is delicious, nutty and ready to party! 

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    Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake

    Chocolate cheesecake
    DebbiSmirnoff / Getty Images

    This Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake recipe whips into a creamy dairy-free and egg-free chocolate filling, baked atop a homemade dairy-free cookie crust with an almond meal base. This is a simple, straightforward recipe that's easy as pie!

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    Lemon Cake

    Lemon cake
    Rekha Garton / Getty Images

    You can use lemons to make more than just lemonade, such as this Dairy-Free Lemon Cake. A moist layer cake is scented with lemon and can be glazed with your favorite icing, or enrobed in this Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting for a citrusy delightful dessert. 

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    Dairy-Free Cheesecake

    Vegan cheesecake
    Enrique Díaz / 7cero / Getty Images

    A vegan cream cheese filling is baked atop a homemade dairy-free cookie crust in this Dairy-Free Cheesecake recipe, then topped with fresh berries.

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    Vegan Brownie Cake

    vegan brownie cake
    Alexandra Grablewski / Getty Images

    Imagine chewy brownies in cake formation, and you'll be right at home with this Vegan Brownie Cake. Once baked, rich chocolate cake is served in wedges and drizzled with Vegan Ganache.

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    Strawberry Shortcakes

    Strawberry Shortcake
    James Baigrie/Photodisc / Getty Images

    It's amazing how buttery these rich, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits are​ despite the fact that they are vegan. This Vegan Strawberry Shortcakes recipe is a sweet cookie that can be served with dairy-free vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries. 

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    Vegan Mocha Cake

    Mocha cake
    Travelif / Getty Images

    Coffee and chocolate are two flavors that go together quite well, especially in the form of cake. The vegan take on the dessert favorite, found in the Vegan Chocolate Mocha Cake recipe, boasts flavors of coffee, vanilla, and maple.

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    Blueberry Coffee Cake

    Blueberry coffee cake
    Michael Maes / Getty Images

    In this Dairy-Free Blueberry Coffee Cake recipe, a rich, vegan coffee cake is bedecked with fresh blueberries and baked beneath a brown sugar crumble. This sweet treat pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

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    Dairy-Free White Cake

    Dairy-free white cake
    Jamie Grill / Getty Images

    Try this Dairy-Free White Cake for your next wedding or birthday cake concoction! Instead of using butter, the recipe is prepared with vegetable oil and eggs.

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    Flourless Chocolate Cake

    Flourless chocolate cake
    "Mackevicius, Ashley" / Getty Images

    This Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe is both dairy-free and gluten-free, sure to be a crowd-pleaser for even the most discerning critic. 

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    Dairy-Free White Cake

    White cake
    Jamie Grill / Getty Images

    Another great white cake recipe, this Dairy-Free White Cake works well for birthday cakes and wedding cakes, either served as two single layer cakes or as a layer cake with dairy-free frosting of your choice. Feel free to experiment with different fillings for the layers; the cake pictured is layered with a Dairy-Free Lemon Curd.

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    Moist Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cake
    Olga Burymska / Getty Images

    This super-easy lactose-free Moist Chocolate Cake chocolate cake recipe is one of those that you'll come back to again and again. Great for everything from kids' birthday parties, school parties, dinner parties or everyday indulgences, you'll enjoy this cake even if you're not allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant.

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    Lemon Olive Oil Bundt Cake

    Lemon olive oil bundt cake
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    Most traditional bundt cakes call for a lot of butter, but this flavorful, bright favorite is prepared with heart-healthy olive oil. This Lemon Olive Oil Bundt Cake is paired with zesty lemon and a hint of ginger and nutmeg, making this cake a lovely treat any time of the year.

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    Angel Food Cake

    Angel food cake
    Ina Tsitovich/ Getty Images

    It might surprise you, but Angel Food Cake is naturally dairy-free and low-fat, which is why it's perfect for people with allergies and intolerances to dairy as well as those counting calories. Oh, and it's really delicious, too!

    What's the Angel Food Cake's secret? Egg whites! Egg whites, which are both fat-free and dairy-free, give this cake its lift and light, sweet texture without using traditional rising agents like baking soda, baking powder or fattening egg yolks. In fact,...MORE fat and dairy have no place in an Angel Food Cake — not even on the pan.

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    Cherry Cheesecake

    Cherry cheesecake
    Foodcollection RF / Getty Images

    A cheesecake without dairy? Yes, it's true! This cherry-topped Dairy-Free Cherry Cheesecake recipe is actually a cheeseless cheesecake, prepared with dairy-free cream cheese and dairy-free sour cream in place of traditional ingredients.

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    Dairy-Free Chocolate Bundt Cake

    Chocolate bundt cake
    boblin / Getty Images

    Bundt cakes are perfect for busy home cooks; they're impressive desserts that go well with just about anything, from your morning coffee to your afternoon tea, and they're so easy to make beautiful. For this Dairy-Free Chocolate Bundt Cake, just whip up the batter, pour it into ​the pan and top it off with a delicious chocolate glaze or Vegan Ganache after it cools

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    Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

    Mint chocolate chip cheesecake
    LauriPatterson / Getty Images

    Perfect for the winter holidays — or anytime, really — this Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake is a fun dairy-free variation on the classic. You can use dairy-free dark chocolate chunks or shavings in place of the chips, and, if you happen to have a few fresh mint leaves around, don't hesitate to garnish your beautiful creation.

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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

    This Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake is a fun take on the classic creamy cake, and it's always a winner with kids. Peanut butter and chocolate is a winning combination, and in this vegan cheesecake, the flavors sing.