3Dream—A Review of the Free Online Room Designer

Screenshot of a kitchen designed in 3Dream


If buying or renting a new house or apartment or just redecorating the home you already have, online design software like that offered by 3Dream allows you to realistically plan each room's look with precision.

With 3Dream, you begin the process with a two-dimensional rendering of the room's floor plan. From there, you can choose materials and colors for walls, floors, windows, doors, and the rest of the room's fixtures. As you work, you can switch between the 2D floorplan and a 3D view of the room in progress.

From there, you have the ability to add furnishings from thousands of selections in several categories on 3Dream's site. They can be viewed by browsing through categories or using the search function.

System Requirements

As of 2018, 3Dream is compatible only with computers using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on a Windows operating system. Their website offers no mention of future compatibility with Apple's Macintosh operating system. It also is necessary to download and install their DX Studio Player plug-in, but doing so is free.

Paid Subscriptions

The free version of their program is called 3Dream Basic and should be more than sufficient for homeowners who are redecorating or who just want to see how one of their rooms might look different. Professional designers might want to explore their 3Dream Professional product, which costs $39.99 per month and offers expanded features.

The primary difference between the two levels are the reports available in the paid product. Its "pre-formatted, editable report templates automatically record all items in your project scenes," according to their website. Those who wish to try 3Dream Professional can do so for free as part of a 30-day trial.


  • There are thousands of materials and products you can choose from in 3Dream.

  • You can view your room from several viewpoints, including 3D.

  • There are text and video tutorials to help you get started or quickly access if you have questions.

  • You can take snapshots of your room and print or save them to view later.

  • It offers a design gallery where you can view other room designs and upload your own.

  • The undo and redo buttons can be used to quickly correct mistakes. Registration is free.


  • The rotate tool in 3Dream can be difficult to use at times.

  • The program crashes sometimes, but work is recoverable.

  • There's no Mac compatibility, which is surprising for something that is design-based.

The Bottom Line

3Dream is one of the best free online room design applications available. It will help you create the perfect room by giving you the chance to use more than 7,000 objects and hundreds of flooring and wall materials. Other than the rotate tool, the program is easy to learn and fun to use. There are a ton of products and materials available to furnish rooms, making for a satisfying final result. The 3D view is great, and it almost makes you feel like you are creating in a virtual world.