Say Goodbye to Art-Hanging Worries—We Have the Solution

The miracle cure for nail holes.

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3M High Strength Small Hole Repair, Tools of the Trade

Product: Home Depot / Illustration: The Spruce

The world of home decor is vast, and we’re constantly amazed by the designers, creators, and creatives who cross our paths. In an effort to learn more about the innovative eyes behind the scenes, we’ve launched a series that explores the sanity-saving tools, products, and services that keep our favorite designers and decorators focused on the job at hand. Welcome to Tools of the Trade.

Art consultant Liz Lidgett is used to putting holes in walls. With a passion for guiding others on which art to purchase and where to put it, Lidgett knows no room is complete without a few pieces. Often, this requires some hardware, but if you’re a renter (or even just fickle about where your gallery hangs), patching up old holes can be a slight nightmare.

Fortunately, Lidgett has you covered. 

Liz Lidgett sitting in front of her art.

Courtesy of Liz Lidgett / Photo: Adam Albright

What item made your work life easier this week/month/lately?

Liz Lidget: The item I pull out of my drawer on repeat is the 3M High Strength Small Hole Repair tool.

3M High Strength Small Hole Repair

High Strength Small Hole Repair

It’s the handiest tool—we put a lot of holes in our walls, and it makes repair so easy.

Why is this item so great?

LL: The end of the tube is a drywall knife so that it smooths the wall spackle. Once it dries, there is a sander on the cap to smooth it down. No additional tools are needed, and it's relatively mess-free.

Where/how do you use this item most?

LL: I definitely use this the most in my gallery because we are constantly creating a lot of holes and patching a lot of holes. We have become experts in quickly making a wall look brand new as we are switching between shows.

Liz in front of artwork in her gallery.

Courtesy of Liz Lidgett / Photo: Adam Albright

How did you discover this item?

LL: I must give all the credit to being influenced by Sherry from Young House Love. She has loved this product for a long time, and after the first time I tried it, I was hooked. I’m probably on my 30th repurchase.

Will you use this item in the future?

LL: I will use this product forever and ever. 3M, please don't ever change it.

How has this item made your job easier?

LL: Changing art between gallery shows every six weeks is a big task! The first step is taking down the purchased artwork from the previous show and shipping the pieces out to their new homes. Next is a complete repair of the walls so that the whole gallery looks clean and brand new, and this is where this awesome product comes in.

The fact that there is primer in the patch and every tool you would need is on the bottle itself makes it all so simple. Finally, once the walls are repaired, we install the next show. It’s a 2-day process that would take even longer without this product.

How might someone not in your line of work benefit from this item?

LL: Anyone can use this tool, especially homeowners who may be anxious about hanging their artwork. Truly, it’s just a nail hole—so take the step, swing the hammer, and if you don’t like the placement, you’ll be able to patch it up in no time. Live with your art and make some holes in your walls! Honestly, I should buy stock of this product.

Truly, it’s just a nail hole—so take the step, swing the hammer, and if you don’t like the placement, you’ll be able to patch it up in no time.

What, if anything, would you change about this item?

LL: I haven’t found a thing I would change yet.

Are there any care/use tips someone considering this item should know about?

LL: Make sure to clear the spout and keep the cap on tight so that it doesn’t dry out. Like most tools, if you take good care of it, it will last a long time.