3M Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive

The Bottom Line

Good repositionable glue for stencils and paper, which can also be used for long term permanent mounting for lighter weight papers and miniature terrain finishes. It needs to be used in extremely good ventilation, and away from any flames or possible sparks. It is not recommended for use by children.

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  • Tacky but allows repositioning or can be used for more permanent mounting of lightweight materials
  • Spray glue is easily applied in even coats to fine paper, fabric or stencils
  • Useful on a number of materials
  • Does not yellow or become brittle


  • Not for archival applications
  • Like all spray glues use only in very well ventilated areas away from sparks or flame.


  • Spray mount adhesive designed for artists. Useful for papers and lightweight materials including fabric.
  • If applied lightly and allowed to set slightly allows you to reposition objects
  • Good for applying thin layers of ground foam, dirt, 'snow' or sand to modelled terrains.
  • Useful for holding stencils tightly to a backing, allows stencils to be moved easily.

Guide Review 

3M Spray Mount Artist's Adhesive is an easy to use spray glue which can be used for temporary or permanent mounting of lighter weight papers, foils, acetate and lightweight fabrics. It also works well as a repositionable glue for stencils, to glue fine layers of sand or soil on miniature scenes and terrains, or to coat plastic or wire tree frames prior to dipping them in foam or netting materials to create miniature trees.

Like all spray adhesives, it needs to be used only in extremely well ventilated areas. For most miniaturists that means spray your work outdoors only.

The glue remains slightly flexible and does not yellow most papers, so it is suitable for longer term use. It is not suitable for outdoor applications, and should not be used by children.

The fumes are very flammable.

Glued sheets of paper are easy to reposition if you apply a light coat of spray glue and leave to dry for a few minutes before applying your object to its backing. The same technique works well for attaching stencils to backings while you paint or apply textured coatings. It works well with Bromley Craft Stone and Brick Stencils in dolls house scales.

The glue is tacky, and as it comes from a spray can you should be good at handling sprays without spreading product all over yourself, or you will stick yourself to your object. It is not necessary to spray both surfaces to be glued, a single surface is sufficient, so you can spray wallpapers, or decorative paper details outdoors, allow the glue to set slightly, then bring the paper back indoors to position on a backing.

To control the spray for applying dirt or sand to miniature terrains, you can spray the glue on the object using a sheet of paper with a hole in it to act as a moveable mask to control the area where glue adheres. For applying fine material to foam terrains, the sand or dirt should be pressed into the glue without allowing it to set up first.