How Plant People Love Differently

Here are the four ways they nurture their relationships

woman watering her plants

Getty Images / Ryan J Lane

There is a certain passion in plant people, a distinct dedication to taking the right, slow steps from the beginning and all the way through. There is an energy of love and patience, so in contrast to the fast-paced, instant gratification of the day-to-day world. Whether you resonate as a plant person or love someone who fits this label, here is exactly how plant people love differently and what to expect if you fall under their care.

They Are Incredibly Selfless

A plant person knows that love is not always a give-and-take. Sometimes you must pour into your partner when they can’t pour into you. Sometimes you have to give a little more than you gain. Sometimes there are compromises and shifts that happen because you have chosen to let someone in and you learn to prioritize your partner’s needs—even above your own.

With a plant person, these shifts come naturally because this type of person understands that love does not always have to be balanced to be beautiful. As Julia Katzman, LMSW, a St. Louis based therapist with Plan Your Recovery who specializes in adolescent mental health shares, “The plant just grows, and it doesn’t have a mind to love you back. Loving plants displays a level of sensitivity and patience, where you don’t need that immediate love—you just want to take care of and grow the plant, even when it lacks the ability to communicate appreciation.”

This selflessness guides a plant person’s interactions. They are not afraid to love, even if that love is sometimes one-sided. They are not afraid to love, even if there’s a potential that their tenacity will not always be matched. They are not afraid to love, even if that love looks different than the traditional world.  

They Are Content With Simply Being

“Plant lovers are not ones to make unreasonable demands or be dissatisfied,” says Amy Olson, relationship and dating expert for The Absolute Dater, “They are happy people capable of filling others' lives with the same.” This is true of anyone who has ever filled their lives and rooms with plants—there is a certain essence, a comfort in both the physical space and the mental state that comes with making a place feel like home.

Plant people make homes out of the people they love.

They are not driven to chase the latest thing or constantly looking for more. They are not in a constant battle to impress or outside the person next to them. They are not yielding their relationship like a trophy or reflection of who they are. Instead, they are satisfied with the simplicity—with the bonds, with the connections they have built, and with the peace they feel in another’s presence.

There is contentment loving a plant person; they are happy to simply be.

They Are Focused On the Journey, Not the End Result

In a highly digital world, there are opportunities to get what you want almost instantly. Swipe to find a partner, click “buy now” to have the items automatically ship, tap your phone to pay with an app—everything is quick, and often disconnected.

“Biologically, we’re programmed to grow and plant things,” says Julia Katzman, LMSW, “Contemporary life has kind of messed this up. While it used to be that we had to grow and scavenge and hunt for everything we need, now we can just go to the store and buy anything we want. The people who still have the desire to go back to the basics have a recognition that there is fulfillment in the process—that it’s not just the results that matter.”

For plant people, this desire to truly cultivate what you want and what you care about stands out in a world so focused on the next and best thing. Plant people are in touch with what matters—the process—not just the end result.

To them, it is not about what they can get, but what they can give, what they can grow.

They Are Guided By Passion

Plant people are driven by the sole desire to love and nurture. With them and their love, there is no agenda. They choose who they choose because they see something beautiful in the potential, and they aren’t afraid to move with that, to trust in that, and to work at creating something meaningful with their own two hands.

And although sometimes with plant people there is the unconscious tendency to want to fix or save those who they build a connection with, their intentions are pure. A plant person doesn’t want to change you—he or she wants to grow you, and grow with you.