400-Mile Sale Along Kentucky's Historic Highway 68

Route, Tips, and Vendor Applications

Sign marking the route of the 400 Mile Yard Sale across Kentucky.
Grandpa & Grandma T./CC BY 2.0/Flickr

It's the ultimate in yard sale shopping. Kentucky's 400-Mile Sale is held annually the first weekend in June and boasts hundreds of yard sale locations, food trucks, community events, and more. The sale runs along the historic Kentucky US 68 Scenic Byway through the Bluegrass Region where you'll find small communities, country roads, and plenty of bed and breakfast spots along the way. Mark the dates on your calendar for a memorable road trip south.

The Route

Scenic Byway US 68 takes you on a shopping trip from Maysville to Paducah, Kentucky, with over 60 participating communities. The road follows what was once a buffalo game trail, turned 1800s Shaker road. Rolling hills and scenic pastures mottled with white picket fences give you a feel you're in true horse country (not to mention the mansion-like barns and the sprawling stables of historic farms). Tobacco fields and limestone stone walls, built by Irish masons in the 1800s, step you back in time. Each sale takes you through a historic locale that offers much more than one-stop-shopping.

Along the Way

RV newbies and full-time Winnebago residents will love this route for its plethora of camping spots. From state parks to KOAs, RVers can hook up almost anywhere along the route. It's great for tent campers, too. Just choose a stop to post up, and then set out on day trips in your car from there. Unique dining options offer family-friendly fare, southern barbeque, and old-style sandwich shops and soda fountains. And with a plethora of community events, like the motorcycle enthusiasts' Elkton Bike Night and the free bluegrass night at the Kentucky Opry, there's no shortage of fun stops to be had.

The Merchandise

Traditional yard and tag sales, antique vendors, and bargain basements pepper the route from Maysville to Paducah. You can find just about anything. Shopping for kids? Consignment vendors sell name brand kid's clothing from Gap, Old Navy, and Under Armour. Various vendors sell used furniture—antique, modern, and classic—that’s perfect for those looking to outfit a new house (just bring a trailer). And of course, no 400-mile sale would be complete without local artisans selling handmade jewelry, farm stand produce, and home-baked goods like cookies and pies.

Yard Sale Tips

Price haggling seems to be widely accepted, and almost expected, at various sale locations. However, reserve haggling for used and big-ticket items like furniture and antiques. Don't haggle over the price of someone's handmade crafts or canned goods. It's proper etiquette to pay full price for something made from scratch and with love. Most vendor stops will have shopper sign-in sheets. Enter your name and email on the sheet for a chance to win a free tank of gas (which will surely help with travel expenses). And while all registered sales occur within one mile of US 68, side trips also warrant great deals and unique finds. But don't stray too far without a GPS or roadmap.

Become a Vendor

Local and regional vendors looking to sell antiques, handcrafted items, or upcycled finds at Kentucky's 400-Mile Sale can fill out a registration form at least one month prior to the event date in June. Food trucks are also welcome to register their food truck.