4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Make Your Fourth Anniversary Special

4th wedding anniversary gift ideas

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Most couples celebrate the "big" anniversaries (first, fifth, 10th, and so on) with major events. But what's the best way to celebrate an in-between year like the fourth anniversary? Fortunately, some traditions relate to every year of marriage. Some are hundreds of years old; others are much newer.

Traditional and Contemporary 4th Anniversary Gift Giving

Representing the blossoming partnership of a couple in their fourth year of marriage, flowers are appropriate and meaningful gifts for this anniversary. But that's just one option. Here are some fourth wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your fourth marriage anniversary.

  • traditional gift (UK): flowers and fruits
  • traditional gift (US): linens and silks
  • contemporary/modern gift: appliances
  • gemstone: blue topaz or blue zircon
  • color: blue or green
  • flower: geranium (meaning comfort and gentility)

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 4th Anniversary

Every marriage is different, and your choice of gift will depend on your personality, expectations, and budget.

Low and Moderate-Cost Floral and Fruit Tokens of Love

  • cut flowers
  • potted flowering plants or bulbs such as an amaryllis plant
  • a gift certificate from a seed catalog
  • pruning shears, or other garden tools
  • floral scented candles and gifts
  • floral paperweight
  • glass dome with a flower in it
  • floral print posters
  • "Edible Bouquet" of fruit
  • membership in a fruit-of-the-month club
  • chocolate-covered strawberries (long-stemmed are best for romance)

More Costly Gift Options

  • blue topaz or zircon jewelry
  • jewelry that includes any blue or green gem (turquoise and jade are nice options)
  • silk sheets (in blue or green)
  • a unique or special appliance such as a cappuccino maker or other gourmet item that is not associated with the idea of household drudgery
  • a trip to a special garden, arboretum, or conservatory
Blue Topaz wedding anniversary gift idea
The Spruce / Margot Cavin

How to Give Your Special Anniversary Gift

Because the fourth anniversary is not always considered "special," it's nice to surprise your spouse with a romantic date. Romance need not be limited to the night, though, and as your gift may relate to flowers and fruits, you might prefer to plan a daytime event. Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a romantic picnic lunch to a favorite park or garden. Be sure to pack favorite treats including fruits such as chocolate-covered strawberries or passion fruit. As a special extra, present your beloved with a flower or bouquet of their favorite flowers.
  • Plan a trip to a special restaurant. Call ahead, and ask the restaurant to bring a special celebratory dessert featuring flowers or fruits.
  • Use floral-scented candles to set the scene for a romantic evening at home. Consider floral-scented bubble bath or massage oil to make the night special.
  • Explore a new and beautiful location together. If you've never been to a conservatory or arboretum before, now is a perfect time.
  • If the season allows, take a short trip to a pick-your-own farm where you can pick apples, grapes, peaches, or other fruits. It's a fun way to enjoy the outdoors together. After picking, spend time together cooking and eating a special fruity dessert.