5 Signs You're in the Home of a True Organization Enthusiast

Everything is ordered, labeled, and in its proper place

organized kitchen with pink accessories

Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images

Picture this: you step through the front door of an Organization Enthusiast’s home. They raise eyebrows in your direction, a sign to remove your shoes and place them in the slot on the rack labeled “Guest Shoes,” in perfectly-penned print. You look up; not a dust speck in sight. Everything is ordered, labeled, and in its proper place. You feel a squeeze in your chest of both excitement and fear. You ask yourself: Is this what it’s like to have your life together?

Just kidding. It’s not like that. Not exactly.

But whether you’ve experienced the cleanliness and order personally or are secretly this way, here are five telltale signs you’re in the home of a true organization enthusiast:

1. Everything Is Color-Coordinated

When you’re in the home of a true organization enthusiast, one thing is very clear: colors (and labels—but we’ll get to that in a minute) rule everything. Each room has a color scheme and, more often than not, everything within that room perfectly coordinates with that color scheme. Read: The walls compliment the rug which is an exact match of the shades of the throw pillows. And so on.

This color coordination is not just for looks; it is a way of life. And for an organization enthusiast, not only do these colors set the ambiance of the space, they are an integral part of the peace and productivity of the house overall.

2. Labels Are Literally on All Surfaces

In an organization enthusiast’s house, it’s not that the labels are necessary for usability, per se, but they provide this overall sense of order the homeowner so deeply craves.

Open the pantry, and each cereal is removed from the box, poured into an exact-size Tupperware container with a matching lid, and given an official name. Never mind that the original box was abundantly clear, it did not match the remainder of the shelves. And so it had to be changed.

There are labels for the utensils and baking sheets, for toiletries and extra supply cupboards. If you didn’t know where to find paper towels or soap in the bathroom—no worries! Oftentimes these are clearly defined or at least perfectly straightened along the corner of the countertop in order to not be missed.

This may sound a little excessive, but for someone who’s obsessed with organization, this is just the way things are supposed to be.

3. There Is a Giddiness About the Littlest Things

Step into the house of an organization enthusiast, and you can’t help but get excited about the little things: a matching set of spatulas, a drawer with tiny slots for each of the forks … the list goes on.

Watching this person’s face light up as he or she explains where things are and how they were placed there is undoubtedly one of the greatest joys (for both of you). And even if organization isn’t your thing, you can’t help but want to make your own changes when you get home.

4. Even the Ugliest Things Are Somehow Pretty

Who knew a de-tangled mess of wires could be so aesthetically pleasing? Or that a pile of laundry could look so nice when color-coded on its way to be washed? For an organization enthusiast, extra care is taken with everything—from the cords, to the hampers, to the labeled trash and recycling bins under the sink.

Even the ugliest things are somehow less ugly with an expert’s touch.

5. You Feel Both Excited and Guilty Simultaneously

There’s no denying the feeling of pride that organization brings. You may claim to not care about this sort of thing, or boast that you prefer the mess (which, let’s face it, is probably a lie). But you can’t deny the happy bubbling in your belly when you see something ordered and organized.

The truth is, you can hate on organization enthusiasts all you want … but you’re secretly a little jealous.