This 500 Square Foot Bachelorette Pad Is Super Charming

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    This Charming Bachelorette Pad Is Located in Toronto

    Joey Vogel / The Future of Vintage

    How do you add character to a cookie cutter apartment? Just add features that boost style and function. Interior designer, Joey Vogel shares how she transformed a boxy 500 square foot condo into a charming bachelorette pad.

    Vogel's first tip: Keep things light and airy.

    It will open up a small space. Light walls colors and reflective surfaces like the glass and metal coffee table shown above will make a tiny room feel brighter and bigger.

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    You Can't Go Wrong With a Classic White Kitchen

    Joey Vogel / The Future of Vintage

    The condo's builder grade kitchen was updated with classic white features including new appliances, cabinetry, and a subway tile backsplash.

    Vogel says don't skimp on counter space when remodeling a small kitchen. She created more room for food preparation by adding a compact kitchen peninsula.

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    Make the Most of a Tiny Entryway

    Joey Vogel / The Future of Vintage

    The condo's compact coat closet keeps the entryway clutter free. Vogel maximized the closet's limited storage space by adding additional upper shelves. Doing so not only created more room, but it also made it easier to store and access seasonal gear like winter coats and hats.

    Vogel boosted function in the small foyer by adding a small bench and table. The elegant seat provides a convenient spot to put on or take off shoes. ​The table functions as an entryway landing strip. The tray on top provides a place for house keys and a handy lint roller for quick touch-ups.​

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    How to Create Separation When Decorating Small Spaces

    Joey Vogel / The Future of Vintage

    The condo's main living area has an open floor plan. To create separation between the living room and kitchen Vogel added a built-in eating counter that defines where the living room starts and the kitchen ends. 

    Next, she used furniture to carve out additional spaces that have a particular use.  For example, to carve out the foyer, Vogel used a small table. Also, a little desk placed in front of the living room's window creates a nook for a home office. 

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    Creating a Sophisticated Yet Calming Bedroom

    Joey Vogel / The Future of Vintage

    One of the best ways you can both decorate and personalize a small space is by creating a beautiful gallery wall using your favorite photos and artwork.

    The collection of framed prints Vogel featured above the bed adds a significant dose of visual interest. Sticking to a black and white palette adds a sophisticated yet calming element to the tiny bedroom.