5-Year Anniversary Gifts: Traditional and Modern Ideas

5h wedding anniversary gift ideas

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Whether it is your anniversary or that of a friend or relative, a fifth wedding anniversary is a milestone to celebrate. The fifth anniversary is a big deal because it's believed that by this time, the marriage is becoming as strong as a tree with deep, strong roots that will prepare them to withstand a long and lasting union. Learn about the symbols associated with the anniversary and creative ways to incorporate them into your celebration. Then, consider our gift ideas, whether they are traditional or modern and even if it's a last-minute selection.

Symbols of the Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Each anniversary carries its symbols which can suggest many types of gifts. Here are symbols associated with the fifth wedding anniversary:

  • Traditional Symbol: Wood symbolizes the strength of your marriage bond. Wood is durable and long-lasting, indicating a solidified relationship.
  • Contemporary/Modern Symbol: Silverware is the modern symbol for this year. It is a reminder of the connection the two of you formed as you shared meals with each other and your children.
  • Gemstone: Sapphire or pink tourmaline are the gems associated with this anniversary.
  • Color: Several colors are associated with the fifth anniversary, including blue, pink, or turquoise.
  • Flower: Daisy is the fifth-anniversary flower. In the language of flowers, daisies represent innocence, loyal love, I'll never tell, and purity.
illustration of fifth anniversary gifts and symbols
The Spruce

Traditional Gifts: Wood

  • Purchase a framed share of stock in a major company that has meaning to both of you
  • Wooden baskets
  • Shaker boxes
  • Magazine subscription
  • Wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Wooden paperweight
  • Bookends
  • Art print of trees
  • Wooden nameplate or family sign
  • Wooden salad set
  • Wooden wine rack
  • Fireplace kindling
  • Wood sculpture or carvings
  • Wood shelving
  • Wood curio cabinet
  • Willow twig furniture
  • Small wood folding tables
  • Croquet set
  • Wooden quilt rack
  • Wooden ping pong table
  • Wicker furniture
  • Bentwood rocker set
  • Adirondack chair set made from wood
  • Bonsai tree
  • Stuff a wooden box with a love note, a book on romance, love coupons, a picture of the two of you, and other meaningful items
  • Plan a unique vacation to a national forest and present the itinerary, tickets, roadmap, and other trip-related items in a keepsake wooden box

Modern Gifts: Silverware

Silver gifts for the 5th wedding anniversary are related to silverware and tableware and differ from silver gifts for the 25th wedding anniversary.

  • Flatware set
  • Set of silver bowls
  • Silver tea set
  • Silver salt and pepper shakers
  • Steak knives/knife set
  • Silver serving dishes
  • Silver tongs or serving pieces
  • Wind chimes crafted from silverware
  • A single piece or pair of silverware pieces engraved or stamped with a special saying, phrase, or name
  • Silver sculpture crafted from cutlery
  • Jewelry crafted from silver cutlery, such as a bracelet or ring
  • Silver wine chiller with a port wine aged five years or a bottle with a vintage from the year of the couple's wedding
  • Silver corkscrew/wine opener and a bottle of wine
  • Silver serving tray (perhaps presented with breakfast in bed)
  • Purchase tickets to a show, movie, sports event, concert, theater, etc. to attend together, presented on a silver platter

Ways to Celebrate Your Fifth Anniversary

You can use the traditional symbols as inspiration for your celebration.

  • Plant a specific tree together (see the following trees and what they symbolize). You can plant one in your yard or at a park, school, or church.
  • An oak tree represents solidity and strength.
  • A pine tree represents the evergreen character of your love for one another.
  • A flaming red maple represents the flaming passion you have for each other.
  • A flowering crab apple tree represents eternal love.
  • Toast one another with the belief that your love continues to grow and prosper like the trees around you.
  • Plan a special dinner that will allow you to use your special silverware. Use some of the traditional colors as the theme for the table. Decorate the table with arrangements of daisies and sprigs of wood.
  • Enjoy an outing to a wooded park, arboretum, forest, or trail. Stroll or hike together, enjoying the greenery.
  • Remodel your closet so it is cedar-lined (for DIY couples).
5th wedding anniversary gift ideas
The Spruce / Margot Cavin