5th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Suggestions

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Wood, representing strength and a solidified relationship, and silverware, representing connectedness, are the traditional and modern gifts associated with your fifth wedding anniversary. Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your fifth anniversary.

5th Anniversary Traditional Gift:

Wood. The strength of your marriage bond is represented by the traditional gift of wood for your 5th anniversary.

Wood is strong and long-lasting.

5th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift:

Silverware. The modern gift of silverware is a reminder of the connection the two of you formed as you shared meals with each other and your children.

5th Anniversary Gemstone:

Sapphire, or pink tourmaline.

5th Anniversary Color:

Several colors are associated with the 5th anniversary: blue, pink, or turquoise.

5th Anniversary Flower:

Daisy. In the language of flowers, daisies represent innocence, loyal love, I'll never tell, and purity.

Ways to Celebrate Your 5th Anniversary:

  • Plant a tree together. You can plant one in your yard, or at a park, school, or church.
    • An oak tree represents solidity.​
    • A pine tree represents the evergreen character of your love for one another.​
    • A flaming red maple represents the flaming passion you have for each other.​
    • A flowering crab tree represents love eternal.
  • Toast one another with a hope that your love continues to grow and prosper like the trees around you.
  • Purchase tickets to a show, movie, sports event, concert, theater, etc. to attend together.

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 5th Anniversary:

  • Purchase a framed share of stock in a major company that has meaning to the both of you.
  • Wooden baskets.
  • Shaker boxes.
  • Magazine subscription.
  • Wooden jigsaw puzzle.
  • Wooden paper weight.
  • Bookends.
  • Art print of trees.
  • Wooden name plate.
  • Wooden salad set.
  • Wooden wine rack.
  • Fireplace kindling.
  • Silverware.
  • Wood sculpture or carvings.
  • Wood shelving.
  • Wood curio cabinet.
  • Willow twig furniture.
  • Small wood folding tables.
  • Croquet set.
  • Wooden quilt rack.
  • Ping pong table.
  • Wicker furniture.
  • Bentwood rocker.

5th Anniversary Wine:

A port wine.

Gift Suggestions to Make for Your 5th Anniversary:

  • Stuff a wooden box with a love note, a book on romance, love coupons, picture of the two of you, etc.
  • Remodel your closet so it is cedar-lined.
  • Put together a road map describing a trip to take together where there are forests.