6 Ways Nerds Do Home Decor Differently

It's much more than just about books and awards

a chic living room with a black sofa, plants, and bookshelves with tons of books

Westend61 / Getty Images

When it comes to home décor, everyone has a different idea of what looks and feels good. For the introverts, a fuzzy blanket and fluffy rug may be the go-to in every bedroom. For the techie, a big-screen TV is the move. Nerds have their own styles and preferences, too. And whether you self-identify as the movie buff, the rigorous scholar, the video game geek, or somewhere in-between, here are six ways nerds do their home décor differently:

1. Professional Colors and Items Are Preferred

When it comes to the basics of home décor—color schemes, items, and furniture—individuals who identify as ‘nerdy’ tend to be more partial to the ‘professional’ sort of scheme.

Funky and loud colors are often swapped for the classic blacks, whites, beiges, reds, and blues. The eclectic furniture, unless intentionally purchased for a purpose, (i.e. the Superman-lover has a chair with a bright red cape in the living room) is often replaced for the sophisticated and functional.

There’s a focus on what not only makes sense for different spaces but what is the most practical. And practicality, for the Nerd, is what matches with everything.

2. Usability Is a Must

One of the ways Nerds do home décor differently is in terms of usability. Outside of the collectible items that are clearly just for show, everything else needs to make sense. Chairs are for sitting, utensils are for eating, sofas are for conversations about intellectually-stimulating topics, desks are for working, etc.

If a Nerd is going to spend time and money turning a house into a home, it’s only going to be in terms of what is actually useful to him/her and any potential guests.

3. Books, Resources and Reference Materials Are Easily Accessible

A self-proclaimed Nerd is always learning. In fact, for him or her, the learning never stops. This is why you’ll often see areas dedicated to this continual study somewhere easily accessible in all rooms of his or her house.

Whether you’re coming over for an educational workshop or for cocktails, your host will have college manuscripts, recipe booklets, and dissertation drafts alike… all in easy-to-reach spaces. You know, just in case the opportunity to share recent findings or engage in an educational back-and-forth happens to present itself.

4. Areas That Encourage Intellectual Conversation Are Prioritized

Where an extrovert may prioritize an open-concept layout with a big couch to facilitate the desired ‘Wine & Cheese Nights’ with relatives and friends, a Nerd will focus on how spaces will be conducive for intellectual conversation.

Maybe this manifests in several armchairs in the living room or an extra-large table to seat friends and family for an impromptu workshop. Either way, you better believe Nerds are always thinking (and designing) for brain-boosting conversations and where they can best happen.

5. Achievements Are on Display

A Nerd’s pride and joy is his or her accomplishments. Whether that’s a college or graduate degree, a certification, or even an award from a video game competition, you better believe these items are showcased for all to see.

6. There Is a Designated ‘Nerd Room’

Whether you or a loved one identifies as a Nerd, you know that there has to be a designated area(s) to “nerd out” in every home. This may be a game room, complete with several consoles and a huge TV or a Superhero Space featuring all of the Avengers character collectibles and comic books from the last fifty years. Or maybe this is an astrology room, complete with a telescope and constellation posters plastered to the walls.

Whatever it is, this “nerd room” will look different for every person. But when it comes to home décor, a space like this is not only preferred—it’s necessary.