60th Wedding Anniversary Symbols, Gifts, and Ideas

Celebrating Six Decades Together

60th anniversary

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It is quite an accomplishment to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary. Six decades together entails quite a marital journey and the couple will typically be in their 80s or even older. Here are some 60th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help in choosing gifts associated with the 60th marriage anniversary.

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Gifts and Symbols for the 60th Anniversary

The tradition of celebrating a 60th anniversary came into popularity after Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. Prior to this event, the diamond was associated with the 75th anniversary.

The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas which means unconquerable and enduring. Many also believe that the fire in the diamond symbolizes the constant flame of love. Truly, this is a good symbol for this significant anniversary. As you may suppose, the gifts, colors, and gemstones associated with this anniversary are all linked to diamonds:

  • 60th Anniversary Traditional Gift: Diamond
  • 60th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift: Diamond
  • 60th Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond
  • 60th Anniversary Color: Diamond white
  • 60th Anniversary Flower: There are no flowers traditionally associated with this anniversary. Put together a bouquet with one different white flower for each decade together. There is also a lovely lavender thornless rose bush called "Diamond Anniversary" and another one called "Diamond Wishes".

Ways to Celebrate Your 60th Anniversary

Use sparkly glitter or crystal rhinestones on flowers, cards, centerpieces, gift wrap, balloons, etc.

Those in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries can request a telegram from the Queen on this anniversary, as well as on your 65th, 70th, and any subsequent anniversary. For those in the United States, request a greeting from the White House. In Canada, receive a message from the Governor-General. If you are Roman Catholic, you can apply for a Papal blessing through your local dioceses.


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Gift Suggestions

When considering gifts for the 60th anniversary, think twice before purchasing anniversary plates, jewelry, and knick-knacks, as many senior citizens are trying to reduce clutter and possessions in their lives. A dinner at a special restaurant, tickets to a show, a trip, coupons to help with chores, etc. will probably be more appreciated.

Gifts to buy include:

Gifts to make include:

  • Put together a CD or playlist with songs from the year you were married.
  • Assemble a memory photo album with pictures highlighting 60 years together. Include the wedding, children, grandchildren, friends, trips taken together, homes lived in, etc. A nice addition is to include stories from children and friends.
  • Create a time capsule of the wedding day. Include a list of popular songs, movies, news headlines, and events.