6th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Suggestions

Smiling mature couple celebrating anniversary with chocolates and champagne on patio
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Candy represents the sweetness in your marriage, iron represents good luck and strength, and wood represents a solid relationship. Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your sixth anniversary.

6th Anniversary Traditional Gift

Candy or Iron.

6th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift

Wood. The modern gift of wood signifies a long-lasting and solid marriage as you celebrate your 6th anniversary.

6th Anniversary Gemstone

Amethyst, or turquoise.

6th Anniversary Color:

Several colors are associated with the 6th anniversary: purple, turquoise, or white.

6th Anniversary Flower

Calla Lily. In the language of flowers, calla lilies represent magnificent beauty.

Ways to Celebrate Your 6th Anniversary

  • Make candy together.
  • Some couples plant a tree together in their yard.
  • An oak tree represents solidity.
  • A pine tree represents the evergreen character of your love for one another.
  • A flaming red maple represents the flaming passion you have for each other.
  • A flowering crab tree represents love eternal.
  • Purchase tickets to a show, movie, sports event, concert, theatre, etc. to attend together. Wrap the tickets around a candy bar.

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 6th Anniversary

  • Pretty candy dish.
  • Box of chocolates.
  • Wood keepsake box.
  • Candy cookbook.
  • Firewood.
  • Iron horseshoes.
  • Wrought iron sundial.
  • Iron weathervane.

6th Anniversary Wine

Find an iron wine rack and include a bottle of wine from the year you were married.

Gift Suggestions to Make for Your 6th Anniversary

  • Fill a unique wooden box with candy you know your spouse enjoys.
  • Fill a champagne glass with candy kisses or spicy gumdrops.
  • Put together a road map describing a trip (Buy Direct) to take together where there is a candy factory.