39 Best 6-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Ideas: Iron, Candy, Gems & More

Sixth wedding anniversary gift ideas

The Spruce / Margot Cavin

If you think a sixth wedding anniversary celebration isn't all that special, think again! Your sixth wedding anniversary is certainly a celebratory milestone, and several traditional symbols mark six years of marriage:

  • Iron: the ultimate symbol for six years of marriage because it is a strong and sturdy metal that brings good luck
  • Flower: Calla lilies, the symbolic flower
  • Candy: For the anniversary which is sure to be sweet

There are many great traditional gifts for a six-year anniversary and lots of terrific ways to celebrate your ongoing commitment to one another. Here are some romantic and unique traditional and modern six-year anniversary gift ideas.

Traditional Gifts for a Sixth Anniversary

You can start with a romantic setting, and be sure you've set aside time away from kids and work to enjoy your partner's company. A lovely dinner out is great. You might also consider a trip out of town, a special picnic, or an event such as a play or concert.

Now, it's time to give a special gift. These are the traditional gifts associated with the sixth anniversary:

  • Traditional Gift: Candy (for sweetness) or iron (for strength)
  • Contemporary/Modern Gift: Wood, which signifies a long-lasting and solid marriage
  • Gemstone: Amethyst or turquoise
  • Color: Purple, turquoise, or white
  • Flower: Calla lily; in the language of flowers, calla lilies represent magnificent beauty

With so many wonderful symbols and traditions to choose from, it may be hard to settle on just one gift. Let's explore some possibilities to consider.

Iron Anniversary: 6-Year Gift Idea

Iron may not sound romantic, but what if the iron anniversary gift you choose helps decorate your home or garden? Here are some surprisingly cozy gift ideas featuring iron.

  • A set of hand-crafted candlesticks
  • Hand-forged iron sculptures
  • Hand-forged iron bowl with inscribed wedding date
  • Artisanal iron fireplace tools or screen (or both)
  • A personal screening of an iron-related flick, such as "Iron Man" or "The Man in the Iron Mask"
  • Iron pendant, cufflinks, or other piece of jewelry
  • Engraved cast-iron horseshoe
  • Cast-iron rose
  • Set of cocktail glasses engraved with the periodic table symbol for iron
  • Iron cocktail shaker set
  • An iron bottle opener
  • Iron heart trivet
  • Iron belt buckle with a custom engraving
  • Iron monogram for the front door
  • Personalized iron bookmark
  • An iron sign personalized with a poem, wedding song, or saying


It isn't always easy to make a DIY iron gift (unless you're a blacksmith), but if you are into jewelry making, there are always iron chains or beads you can use for a personalized six-year wedding anniversary gift.

Candy Anniversary: 6-Year Gift Idea

Sweet treats are nice, but you can go beyond a box of chocolates.

  • Visit a candy factory together. Or, even better, visit a candy destination! Hershey, Pennsylvania, for example, is famous for its chocolate and also boasts a wonderful theme park and the Hershey Hotel. Anyone up for a chocolate facial?
  • Indulge in sweet liqueurs. Some possibilities include cordial-filled chocolates, Godiva chocolate liquor, or chocolate martinis.
  • Keep it simple with a gorgeous box of truffles in your sweetie's favorite flavors. Alternatively, indulge in a "tower of treats" type of gift basket from a purveyor such as Harry and David's or create a custom version.
  • Take time out to visit a spot where you can watch fudge being made, buy penny candies, or enjoy cotton candy. Possibilities include a circus, fair, oceanside boardwalk, or fun tourist town.
  • Design and personalize a box of candies or candy bars with special sayings or song lyrics that are meaningful only to the two of you.
  • Work with a cake designer to create the ultimate personalized sweet anniversary treat.
  • Have a florist craft a big bouquet that's blooming with favorite flowers and attached candies for this anniversary.

Gemstone Anniversary: 6-Year Gift Idea

Amethyst is the traditional gemstone for a sixth-year wedding anniversary. Turquoise is an alternative stone associated with the sixth year. Amethyst and turquoise are both semi-precious stones, which means they cost very little to give. In fact, you may be able to splurge on some pretty nifty gifts. For example:

  • An entire set of matching jewelry including earrings, necklace, and bracelet
  • An amethyst brooch or bracelet
  • A belt buckle with turquoise accents
  • A keepsake such as a jewelry box or card case set with amethysts
  • A tree sculpture made with either amethyst, turquoise, or a combination
Sixth wedding anniversary gem gift idea
The Spruce / Margot Cavin

Wood Anniversary: 6-Year Gift Idea

Though it's a more modern option for this particular year's anniversary than iron, wood is considered a good sixth-anniversary gift because it symbolizes strength and longevity. While there are plenty of romantic gifts made of wood, some couples plant a tree together in their yard. A tree's wood equals strength and its roots symbolize how the couple is developing deep and sturdy roots. While the choice of a tree will depend on your location, space, and budget, here are a few options to consider:

  • An oak tree represents solidity.
  • A pine tree represents the evergreen character of your love for one another.
  • A flaming red maple represents the flaming passion you have for each other.
  • A flowering crab tree represents love eternal.

But what if you don't have a yard? Consider making a joint gift of a tree or seedlings to a local park, or helping to plant trees to restore a natural landscape. Here are other ideas for this year's wedding anniversary gifts that are made from wood:

  • A wood serving tray with iron handles
  • Wood frame or photo cube
  • Wood coasters engraved with a monogram or the wedding year
  • A rose carved out of wood
  • An all-wood watch
  • Wooden jewelry cabinet or chest
  • Wooden heart ring holder or bowl
  • What is traditionally given on a 6th wedding anniversary?

    The traditional gifts given on a 6th wedding anniversary are candy (for sweetness) or involve iron (for strength).

  • What is the symbol for 6 years of marriage?

    There are several symbols for six years of marriage, including candy and iron, amethyst or turquoise (the gemstones), purple or turquoise (the colors), or calla lilies (the flower).

  • What are the traditional anniversary gifts by year?

    Each year has a traditional anniversary gift.

    • 1st Anniversary: paper
    • 2nd Anniversary: cotton
    • 3rd Anniversary: leather
    • 4th Anniversary: fruit or flowers
    • 5th Anniversary: wood

    And so on, with a different traditional gift for each year.