7 Valentine's Day Ideas for Empty Nesters

Now You Can Really Celebrate!


For empty nesters, Valentine's Day can be a whole new experience. After years of making sweet treats for your kids and sharing a perfunctory kiss with your spouse, new empty nesters (and those who are pros) can make the year's most romantic holiday a special day for just the two of you. Never mind the champagne and chocolate - how about something different this year? Or add the champagne and chocolate to any one of these ideas to reconnect, decompress and enjoy!

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    couples massage

    Say goodbye to stress and tense muscles with a relaxing couples massage. Check out Groupon to see if there are any massage deals in your area, and check local hotels and spas to find out where a couples massage is offered. Surprise your significant other with this serene and enjoyable way to spend some time together. 

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    Weekend Getaway

    room service

     Take that couples massage and give it a turbo boost by making it a weekend getaway for two. Look for hotels in your area that are offering specials, and make it easy and simple by limiting your travel time to a one hour drive each way if you can. Splurge on some pretty lingerie to surprise your guy- he will appreciate it. Whether you can get away for one night or two, a hotel room, room service and that massage you'll enjoy will make it a lovely time.

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    Cook and Dine by Candlelight


    Throwing together dinner on a weeknight can get dull, and weekend dinner and a movie is so ordinary. Spend Valentine's Day with your sweetie making a romantic dinner for two to enjoy in your empty nest. Cooking together, then enjoying the meal, then cleaning up - it can be a very intimate and romantic way to spend time as a couple. Try a new recipe, get a good bottle of wine (or two), and indulge! Don't forget the decadent dessert to finish the meal. 

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    valentine's day card

     It's easy enough to buy a card and sign your name. This Valentine's Day, take the time to write something from your heart, telling your significant other what he or she does to make you love him or her so much. Think beyond the obvious - the coffee that's made each morning, the kisses goodnight - and think of things that are unique to you and your significant other.

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    valentine's candy

    Giving back to the community is a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day with someone you love. See if there is a senior living facility in your community that would like some visitors to bring candy and cards to the residents to help them have a happy holiday. If you're feeling industrious, clean out a few closets and take a donation to a homeless shelter where the need for loving gestures is always welcome. If you have a neighbor who lives alone, leave a basket of store-bought...MORE Valentine's treats at their door - anonymously, if you like. Whatever you do for others will be appreciated.

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    Host a Valentine's Day Dinner Party

    heart balloons

    Chances are you have friends who are empty nesters too. A Valentine's Day dinner party would be a fun way to celebrate a holiday that might otherwise go unnoticed. Go over the top with hearts and flowers for decorations, bake a red velvet cake, and ask everyone to bring their wedding photo. Ask everyone to share a favorite moment from their wedding or their honeymoon - PG or X rated, whatever you choose! 

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    Renew Your Vows


     You might have had lots of people at your wedding, or you might have just had a few - but have you ever thought about renewing your vows, just the two of you? After many years of marriage, the wedding vows take on a whole new meaning as a couple embarks on the next phase of their lives as empty nesters. Plan a vow renewal for you to share and celebrate later with family and friends. It will be wildly romantic, very sentimental and a great way to show your love for each other after a long time...MORE together.