7 Ways to Refresh Your Whole House This Spring

Give your home a spring makeover to keep things fresh

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Spring is the perfect time to refresh your home and give it a mini facelift—and you can make a big impact without a lot of time or money. From hacks to make spring cleaning easier (and faster!) to small touches to improve your home indoors and out, we’ve partnered with QVC to round up some simple ways to refresh your entire home. 

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    Speed Up Your Spring Cleaning

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    Nothing says spring like a thorough deep cleaning of every room in your house. But getting rid of that winter grime doesn’t have to take up all of your free time. Prioritize the spaces you use most and focus on one room at a time, giving yourself a 30-minute limit per room. Tackle the areas that are most visible, such as the floor, blinds, baseboards and frequently used furniture. 

    Smart tech can also help you improve your cleaning game. Products such as the iRobot Roomba e5150 WiFi Robot Vacuum with Virtual Wall or the EyeVac Air Vacuum & Air Purifier Touchless Operation can keep your space clean without you ever lifting a finger.

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    Simplify Your Organization System

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    Once you’ve cleaned your house, it’s time to tackle those unruly closets and pantries. A well-organized house is always easier to keep clean, but the key to effective organization is creating a system that is easy to follow and easy to stick to. Your home doesn’t have to be perfectly organized as long as you create a method that works for you. 

    Have an area where clutter tends to pile up? Invest in aesthetically-pleasing baskets that can act as catch-alls for items without a home. Consider places with underutilized storage potential, such as the back of doors or empty corners, and invest in solutions that can help you keep junk off the floor.

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    Expand Your Home’s Footprint

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    If you’re itching for a larger house, think outside the box before you pack up and move. Creating a livable outdoor oasis can make your home feel spacious and revitalized. Whether you have a large outdoor patio or you’re working with a small urban balcony, refreshing your outdoor space is a great way to make your home feel brand new again. 

    Even small touches like tiki torches or brand new outdoor-friendly pillows can give your outdoor space the facelift it needs to feel fresh again. 

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    Try Your Hand at Gardening

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    Need an excuse to get outside and enjoy that outdoor space even more? Commit to upgrading your home garden and you’ll spend more time in the sun and less time on the couch this spring. A planter such as Vegtrug Customizable Cedar Herb Garden Planter with Shelf can help you create a garden no matter how much space you have outside. 

    If you don’t have a green thumb, consider starting with easier plants like tomatoes or herbs before you graduate to a full-blown garden.

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    Sprinkle in Small Touches for a Big Impact

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    You don’t have to renovate your entire house for a refresh. While you may think you need all new furniture, you can transform a space by just swapping out your accessories. Pick small pieces that add a vibrant feel, such as some greenery (a faux fiddle leaf tree is a great option) or a new accent chair that pairs with your well-loved couch.

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    Up Your Kitchen Game

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    Spring is all about entertaining friends and family. You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to impress company. A gadget such as a Ninja Foodi 15-in-1 Smart Dual Heat Air Fry Flip Oven w/ Probe can help you prep restaurant-worthy meals without slaving over a stove all day long. Pick kitchen tech that can do multiple things to save space and earn their keep in your cabinet.

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    Save On Your Refresh

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    Upgrading your space this spring doesn’t have to be hard on your wallet. When you purchase directly from QVC, you can shop with Easy Pay and make monthly payment installments for anything you buy. New customers can take $10 off their purchase of $25 or more with the code SURPRISE whether you shop QVC online or through the app.

Spring is a season for rejuvenation and giving your home a quick makeover is the best way to keep things fresh. Start small with a simple spring clean, and then think about how you can easily update those rooms that haven’t been touched in a few years. Don’t overdo it—a few small changes can make a big impression and ensure you love your home year after year.