’70s Decor Trends That Are Back In Style

Decorated living room with navy blue couch and rattan coffee table

The Spruce / Sarah Crowley

Trends may come and go, but right now we're having a full-on 1970s love affair. The age of boho and disco has come back in full force, and it's hitting home—literally. From rattan to wicker, home decor has seen a big shift from minimalist and modern to "eclectic hippie," and we are loving it. If you're been looking for an excuse to shop in your parents' basement, now is the time. 

Embracing '70s home decor trends can be as simple as sprinkling a few accessories here and there, such as a Turkish-style pouf or using baskets as wall decor. If you're looking for inspiration, here are a handful of '70s decor trends that are officially back in style.  

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    Fringe and Shag

    Living room with reclining chair and shag carbpe

    sara_pavao / Instagram

    From suede vests with fringe to shag carpeting, fringe is a trend that came and went in favor of clean edges and streamlined designs. Now it's back, and we're big fans. Take a note from this living space from sara_pavao, and add a fringe area rug. Not only are high-profile rugs comfortable underfoot, but they add a lot of texture to any space and create visual interest.

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    Hanging Chairs

    Hanging wicker chair with a pillow

    vestigehome / Instagram

    What's better than swinging on your porch? Swinging in your living room. This adorable corner in vestigehome's living space features a hanging rattan egg chair that gives it a wonderfully seventies feel. Other hanging furniture ideas include macrame swings and woven hammocks. A hanging chair is a fun way to create a reading nook in a living space or a bedroom—just be sure to install it properly to avoid accidents.

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    A Hanging Chair With a Stand

    Living room with circular hanging chair

    sofiaparapluie / Instagram

    If you're a renter or you simply aren't up for the challenge of hanging a chair in your living room to create that '70s look, here's an idea from sofiaparapluie that anyone can easily repurpose. Most egg or wicker chairs look just as chic on a metal stand—just find a color that blends in with the rest of your room, and you won't even notice it's there.

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    Rattan Everything

    Rattan bookshelf with macrame

    lotsofknotscanada / Instagram

    Rattan furniture is made from materials such as cane and willow, and while it actually dates back to antiquity, it was incredibly popular in the 1970s. Now it's back, and we can't get enough of it. Like this bookshelf from lotsofknotscanada, rattan furniture lends a laid-back, easygoing feel that is trendy without feeling unapproachable.


    Make Your Own Trendy Rattan Lamp on a Budget

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    More Rattan

    Rattan shelf for the wall

    _monsterahouse_ / Instagram

    This floating rattan shelf from _monsterahouse_ is a great way to use up a little extra wall space and add an eclectic feel to any room. Decorate with houseplants, vintage books, and woven baskets for the ultimate Californian boho style feel. Just make sure to use anchors and secure it properly before you work on your shelf styling skills.

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    Macrame All Day

    Macrame wall hanging

    bonnybeedesigns / Instagram

    The art of macrame can actually be traced back to ancient times, but when we see knotted fiber wall hangings or elaborate macrame plant holders we're instantly transported to 1970. This mustard yellow beauty from bonnybeedesigns is a great way to add texture and color to any room and use up wall space without the hassle of a hard-to-plan gallery wall.

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    Even More Macrame

    Macrame wall hanging shaped like a rainbow

    marymakerstudio / Instagram

    If tapestry wall hangings aren't your style, check out this fiber-wrapped, rainbow-inspired wall art from marymakerstudio. It's the perfect accent for a chic '70s nursery or kid's room, or a lovely way to add a little color in an office or an entryway.

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    Terrazzo Is Everywhere

    Terrazzo planters with cactus

    capradesigns / Instagram

    This year terrazzo is everywhere, and while it's traditionally thought of as a material for flooring or countertops, these beautiful planters from capradesigns prove it can be used in nearly any form and still be just as chic. Terrazzo is a composite made of chips of materials like marble, quartz, glass and more. While its heyday was in the '70s, we love that it's making its way back into our homes.

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    Retro Colors

    Living room with bold retro colors

    polkadotingrid / Instagram

    If you're tired of the all-white living room trend, you'll be excited to know that bright, bold colors are back in style. This living space from polkadotingrid is all about personality, and colors such as hunter green, mustard yellow and dusty rose (yes, the color of your grandparent's bathroom) are making a splash again in home decor.

    If you don't want to commit to a fully retro palette, consider a few mustard yellow velvet throw pillows or a deep green lampshade to mix this trend into your living room.

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    Lots of Velvet

    Living room with a pink velvet sofa

    audrey_apple_ / Instagram

    There's just something about velvet that screams luxurious. A popular material in the '70s, we are starting to see velvet become more and more common in home decor. From spunky, fun velvet couches like this one from audrey_apple_ to throw pillows, velvet is a great way to to add texture to your home.

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    Animal Print

    Living room with a faux zebra rug

    suszi_saunders / Instagram

    From cowhide to zebra, animal print is back—and this time you can get the look completely cruelty-free. This living space from suszi_saunders proves just how chic a faux zebra-skin rug looks, especially in an otherwise minimalistic room. When it comes to decorating with animal print, less is (usually) more, but that doesn't mean you should be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures.

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    Vintage Rugs

    Living room with a vintage rug

    thoughtfullythrifted / Instagram

    A gorgeous Turkish rug is a truly classic piece, but these vintage rugs were a hit in the '70s. As shown in this living room from thoughtfullythrifted, there's nothing better than a gorgeous vintage rug when it comes to making a statement in your home. From bedrooms to living rooms to kitchens (yes, kitchens), a well-kept vintage rug is well worth the cost and will hold up for years to come.

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    Palm Fronds

    Room with textiles and pillows

    wakeuprinserepeat / Instagram

    With the return of maximalism in home decor, we're seeing oversized greenery make a huge comeback in home decor. This living space from wakeuprinserepeat proves that fronds are a great way to decorate a room. Sure, fresh-cut flowers are nice, but consider weaving in fern or palm for a chic Californian hippie feel.

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    Embrace Wallpaper

    Nursery with waves wallpaper

    anewalldecor / Instagram

    If the idea of wallpaper makes you run for cover, it's time to rethink this once common home decor item. We love everything about this nursery from anewalldecor, but the blue and white graphic wave wallpaper really makes the room pop and gives it an uber laid-back feel. From oversized floral wallpaper to textured, geometric patterns, wallpaper is a great way to use up empty space and add your own personality to any room.

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    Floral Wallpaper

    Wooden desk with floral wallpaper

    zigzagstudiodesign / Instagram

    If you needed more proof that floral wallpaper isn't just for outdated bathrooms, this office space from zigzagstudiodesign is it. We love the graphite-inspired black and white floral wallpaper that adds just enough visual interest without feeling outdated or overwhelming.