7th Wedding Anniversary Ideas and Symbols

Young Couple Hugging and Kissing with Roses
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Copper, wool, and desk sets are the traditional and modern gifts associated with your seventh wedding anniversary.

Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your seventh anniversary.

7th Anniversary Traditional Gift

Copper or wool. Copper has long had a traditional meaning of prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. Couples who celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary can indeed celebrate their good fortune in finding one another.

The gift of wool represents the comfort, durability, security, and warmth that couples married this long give one another. Roman brides touched the threshold of their new home with wool.

The Old Testament has a passage (Proverbs 31) describing wives of noble character as women who select wool and spin yarns with eager hands.

7th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift

Desk Sets. The modern gift of a desk set is a practical gift that can be combined with one of your spouse's interests such as golf or collecting.

7th Anniversary Gemstone:

Onyx or yellow sapphire.

7th Anniversary Color:

Yellow or off white.

7th Anniversary Flower:

Jack-in-the-pulpit, a common wildflower that blooms in spring in moist wooded areas.

Ways to Celebrate Your 7th Anniversary

  • Watch the movie Desk Set together.
  • Toast one another with hope that your love continues to provide comfort, prosperity, and security like the traditional gifts of wool and copper.
  • Purchase tickets to a show, movie, sports event, concert, theatre, etc. to attend together.

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 7th Anniversary

  • A sweater made in the Aran Islands of Ireland with the pattern known as "marriage lines" that has twists and turns in the design that represents the ups and downs of a marriage.
  • Purchase a copper framed share of stock in a major company that has meaning to the both of you.
  • Wool line gloves.
  • Copper boxes.
  • Copper wind chimes.
  • Wool blanket.
  • Copper door knocker.
  • Onyx or yellow sapphire jewelry.
  • Copper bookends.
  • Copper telescope.
  • Copper nameplate.

Gift Suggestions to Make for Your 7th Anniversary

  • Stuff a copper box with a love note, book on romance, love coupons, pictures of the two of you, etc.
  • Knit a wool scarf.
  • Roadmap describing a trip to take together where there are lots of sheep.