8 Must-Haves for a Guest-Ready Bedroom

Ready to host? Make sure you have these items.

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Having friends or family over can be a bit intimidating at first, but oftentimes, that’s because we’re not totally prepared to have someone share our space. While hosting doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to provide a hotel-quality stay, it can (and probably should) be more than an air mattress stuffed in the corner of a room, especially if you're lucky enough to have a bedroom to spare. 

With a little bit of effort and a few updates, we can easily create luxury in our homes—affordably, of course. Here are a few of our simple, not-bank-breaking tips and must-haves for creating a guest-ready bedroom.

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    Natural Products and Supplies

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    Before your guests even arrive, "spruce" up your space by cleaning, organizing, and creating a nook that feels uniquely designed for your guest(s).

    Does this mean you have to go out and purchase a bunch of new items? Not necessarily. But it does mean that you take time (before your guests arrive, of course) to put away items, dust, organize, and maybe even light a candle or turn on a diffuser to set the tone.

    Then, once your space is clean, leave out these natural supplies (like soap, wipes for the countertops, extra paper towels, etc.) so that your guests can grab them as they please. These intentional acts—while not overly difficult—can make a big difference in helping your guests feel at home.

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    Full-Length Mirror

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    Let's face it, we all want to look good when we're on vacation. To create the perfect space for your guest(s), add a full-length mirror (in addition to one in the bathroom, if you have one) so that your guests can get dressed comfortably and confidently.

    You don't have to spend a lot of money on this, either.

    You can find mirrors for as little as under $5 that adhere to the wall with tape. Or, if you're feeling like spending a bit more, you can splurge and nail one into the wall that matches the ambiance of your room.

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    Plush Towels

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    "Bring the spa experience to your guests by setting out clean, soft towels for their use," recommends Karin Sun, founder of Crane & Canopy. "Your guests will be thankful for the possibility of a hot bath or shower at the end of a long day, and luxury towels in a soft white will lend your space the air of a boutique hotel."

    If you're looking for the perfect towel, Sun recommends ones made from 100% extra-long, staple cotton and 700 grams per square meter (GSM). This type of towel is absorbent, warm, and soft—perfect for bringing luxury to your guests' stay.

    Meet the Expert

    • Karin Sun is the founder of Crane & Canopy, a luxury bedding company.
    • Tyler Howells is the founder of Cozy Earth, a bamboo bedding company.
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    Instructions & Suggestions List

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    While you don't have to turn your home into an Airbnb, you can steal some ideas from hosts, like an 'Instructions' list. This can be 'how-tos' for any complicated technology in their room (TV, speakers, computer, or anything else that might need some extra explanation), WiFi information, or to direct them to items like a hairdryer, iron, or extra towels/toilet paper.

    Having these instructions, Sun says, will help your guests find what they need without feeling like they're 'bugging' you. A list also helps to save time and adds a layer of privacy as you won't really need to enter each other's spaces as often.

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    High-Quality Bed Linens

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    One of the most important aspects of a guest-ready bedroom—if not the most important aspect—is the bed. After a long day of traveling, you want to create a bedroom and sleeping area that is comfortable, cozy, and welcoming for your guests.

    You also want to consider different preferences your guests will have. Some people may prefer the luxury of silky sheets, while others may light the lighter, cotton duvet cover with stiff cotton sheets. Or, some individuals may sleep hot and like the 50% less humidity and moisture-resistance that bamboo sheets provide.

    Regardless of personal preference, though, it's a good idea to consider all options by offering multiple bedding layers.

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    The Extra Essentials

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    When it comes to creating a guest-ready bedroom, it's important to cover all the typical items. A guest should never not have the basics: bed, dresser, closet, clock, sheets, blanket, storage space, etc. However, you can't neglect the 'extras,' either.

    "Besides the extra toiletries, closet space, wastebasket, alarm clock, etc.,—a guest bedroom must be comfortable," shares Tyler Howells is the founder of Cozy Earth. "Extra pillows, a blanket, a soft mattress, and even softer bedding are the extra touches that make your guest truly feel at home."

    As far as essentials go, Howells says to focus on the sleeping arrangements. "The most crucial part of a guest bedroom is the bed," Howells says, "Don't cut corners. Make sure that your bedding is clean, simple, and soft."

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    Extra Storage

    A purse hanging on hooks

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    It's important to create multiple storage spaces and solutions for your guests. This goes beyond the basic closet and drawer space to other alternatives, like over-the-door storage and extra hooks.

    Before you invest in anything (or DIY your own hooks or racks), think about what your guests may be bringing: will they need to hang fancy occasion wear? Prefer a designated area for their shoes? Have purses and/or bags that are too bulky to store anywhere else?

    Considering what your guests may need can help you prepare a more intentional space.

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    A 'Help Yourself' Basket

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    Nothing is worse than heading on a trip and realizing you forgot one of your toiletries or hygiene products. Be intentional about creating a stress-free stay for your guests by creating a 'Help Yourself' Basket in your guest room.

    Outside of the basics (toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner, mini-perfume, lotion, toilet paper, tissues, etc.), you can create a 'catch-all' basket that adds some fun snacks and items, too, or provide an assortment of snacks in decorative jars.

    "Consider your guests’ food preferences and gather a variety of non-perishable snacks and bottled water in a decorative basket," says Sun. "Label your basket with a note reading 'Help Yourself.' This way, your guests will know these refreshments are theirs to enjoy after a day of travel. Bonus points for stocking your guests’ favorite treats!"

Creating a guest-ready bedroom doesn't have to break the bank. With just a bit of intentionality and some simple must-haves, you can provide the luxury of a hotel in your home.