9 '80s Home Decor Trends We Still Love Today

Front view of an 80's decor inspired entryway

The Spruce / Jason Donnelly

Sure, there are definitely some things that should stay in the '80s (like that perm you'd rather forget about), but the decade of new wave also gave us some great decor trends. Sure, too much of a good thing can feel, well, a little too 1980s, but these retro-inspired decor ideas are perfect for adding a bit of a vintage punch to your space.

From chunky furniture to bright colors, there are just some trends that come back into vogue again and again. Here are some of our favorite '80s design elements that still work well today.

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    Try Lucite Everywhere

    Kitchen with lucite chairs

    Jeweled Interiors

    Here's a decor trend that started in the '80s and never really went away. We are all about lucite, especially in a space as beautiful as this one from Jeweled Interiors. Lucite is a clear, thick plastic that works so well in rooms where you want to avoid adding too many textures and clutter. It's also easy to clean. Here, the clear barstools allow the preppy striped cushions to shine through.

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    Add Pops of Neon

    Room with lucite and neon details

    Adri & Dahlman Interiors

    It's hard to think "1980s" and not conjure up images of neon lights and bright colors. But just because the decade of neon has long passed doesn't mean we can't embrace this colorful trend now. We love how Adri & Dahlman Interiors used pops of neon pink in this space to give it a lot of visual interest. Decorate with neon colors or add a neon sign to your space for even more nostalgia.

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    Give Preppy Style a Try

    Bed with preppy details

    Diana Rose Spier

    While a lot of the '80s were about loud colors (and loud music), preppy style also had a big moment during this decade. Striped patterns, white and blue color palettes, and monograms were all the rage, and we think it's time they come back. This preppy bedroom from Diana Rose Spier features a classy, traditional preppy look that works well for guest bedrooms or primary suites.

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    Go With Brass

    Gold display case with rounded corners

    Freska Living

    Sure, minimalism is everywhere these days but we think it's time to embrace everything maximalist. This brass adjustable shelf from Freska Living is everything we love about '80s decor. It's bold and loud, with rounded edges that give it a fun, whimsical feel. When we think '80s, we think about unabashed style, and this brass etagere is definitely that.

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    Consider Memphis Design

    Bed with 80s details

    Glamohemian Girl

    Memphis Design was a movement that started in 1981 in Milan, Italy, and embraced all things colorful, abstract, and loud. This bedroom from Glamohemian Girl utilizes elements of Memphis Design throughout, from the abstract-inspired art and pillows to the bold colors throughout the textiles.

    If you want your decor to be an eye-catching conversation starter, Memphis Design is for you.

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    Decorate With Pastels

    Corner of room with pastel colors

    Monica Kim

    The best thing about the '80s is that many of the design trends were quite contrasting. If bold and neon isn't your thing, how about pastel? This lovely reading corner from Monica Kim proves that pastel colors are back in the best way possible. Paint a wall with a soft blush color, then add pastel blue throws or pillows to embrace this whimsical side of the 1980s.

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    Go Wild With Palms

    Bed with half mirror and palm plant

    HIDA modern

    Tropical prints were big in the '80s, but so were tropical plants—and if you ever needed an excuse for more houseplants, here you go. This retro-inspired bedroom from HIDA modern features an oversized palm plant that is giving us major tropical vibes. If the real thing is too much effort for you, there are many faux plants out there that provide a similar look and feel.

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    Embrace Chunky Furniture

    Living room with chunky furniture

    Sarah Ellison

    This living room from Sarah Ellison features two '80s trends we love: tambour wood and chunky furniture. Deep-seated sofas were popular in the '80s, and we can't still get enough of them. They're not only visually interesting and give your space a soft, homey feel, but they are also super comfortable. Chunky furniture is a lovely contrast to the sleek, modern pieces we're used to. Maybe now's the time to go big.

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    Add Rounded Accessories

    Pastel objects for a book shelf

    Lyc Vintage

    Want to sprinkle a little '80s throughout your house? These rounded, chunky vases from Lyc Vintage are a great option. The pastel colors are super retro, and the rounded designs are perfect for adding a touch of softness to a modern, streamlined home.