How to Celebrate Your 9th Wedding Anniversary

9th wedding anniversary celebration ideas and symbols

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Congratulations! You’ve made it nine years into your marriage. The ninth year of marriage might seem unimportant compared to milestone anniversary years like the 1st, 5th, and 10th. However, the first decade of marriage is a make-or-break time for many couples, and each year together is worth celebrating.  

We encourage you to think creatively and celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary with as much heart and passion as you would any other milestone. Here are some ninth anniversary ideas, motifs, and symbols to help you plan a more meaningful celebration. 

Common Symbols

  • Traditional: Pottery and Willow
  • Contemporary: Leather or Copper
  • Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
  • Color: Terracotta
  • Flower: Birds of Paradise or Poppy

These anniversary symbols might seem arbitrary, but they reflect specific essential qualities for a healthy marriage. Pottery is strong and fragile. On the other hand, willow is gentle and flexible. Leather is resilient, durable, and ages well. Copper reflects warmth and passion. Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of wisdom, which should much more present after nine years of marriage. Poppy represents peace, and birds of paradise flowers are a symbol of joy and freedom. 

Which one of these motifs resonates with your marriage as it stands now? Is there a symbol that you lack that you want to bring back to your relationship, like wishing for more joy? Is there a symbol you want to celebrate, like the flexibility of your partner? Put some thought behind the symbolism here to make your anniversary count. 

9th Anniversary Gifts

The first step to any successful anniversary is to pick out a thoughtful gift. Each anniversary has symbols (see above) to help guide your selection. These ideas are especially helpful if you and your spouse like sticking to tradition. Try to incorporate one of the motifs with the gift, and add in a personal touch if you can. 

For Her

  • Leather bracelet with a lapis lazuli gemstone at the center. 
  • Bouquet of poppies or birds of paradise inside a ceramic vase. 
  • A leather handbag or laptop case in hazelnut color. 
  • Jewelry with silver and copper tones. 
  • Perfume with notes of a poppy scent. 

For Him

  • Watch with a leather strap. 
  • Leather-bound journal or planner that is terracotta-colored. 
  • Leather wallet with custom embroidery.
  • Copper Moscow mule mugs.

For Couples

  • Terracotta pot filled with an exotic houseplant
  • Wicker (willow) basket filled with your favorite wine. 
  • Set of ceramic dishes with a copper accent.
  • Outdoor wicker furniture.
  • Copper frame with a picture of you two inside it. 

9th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

You might opt to give your spouse their gift after a long day at work and call it a night. However, the most meaningful anniversaries include a special memory, too. You can have a traditional celebration with family and friends or incorporate one of the ideas below. 

Some of these ideas include the 9th-anniversary symbols above, and some don’t. The most important thing is that you make this day stand out from other days of the year. Also, we tend to remember things that make us emotional. We suggest incorporating a lesson you need to re-learn with an emotion you’ll cherish (like joy). The lesson will better your relationship, and the feeling will strengthen your connection and help reinforce the lesson. 

  • Attend a pottery-making class together. If there are no classes in your area, consider going on a shopping trip to pick up a piece of pottery for your home together. Mix both your styles and let both of you have a say in the final selection. 
  • Go on vacation to the Grand Canyon or a place with a similar terracotta landscape. Reflect on how connecting with nature helps your relationship find peace. 
  • If your anniversary is in the right season, start a garden bed of poppies. The hard work will leave you tired but will pay off when the garden blooms. 
  • Create a time capsule together and vow to open it on your 18th anniversary. You’ll be able to see how much changes and how much stays the same. 
  • Have a picnic using a wicker basket and sit underneath some enchanting willow trees. Talk about how being flexible enhances your marriage. 
  • Write a personal and romantic letter explaining how the 9th year symbols apply to your marriage. 
  • Trade roles and responsibilities for the day. Put yourself in the other’s shoes and share your appreciation for the part your partner plays at dinner that night. 
  • Make your best effort to spend time together in whatever capacity makes sense. Find some way to reconnect with one another in a way that you both enjoy. 
  • Spend some time building something together. This item could be a copper planter or a piece of tooled leather. Tackling a project on your anniversary might give you more patience to learn how to work together effectively and create something beautiful in the process.