9 Stunning A-Frame Houses

There are many different forms of architecture in residential homes, but the A-frame is perhaps one of the most distinctive. A popular style in the 1950s, the A-frame house features a prominent triangular shape that became an iconic symbol of vacation. Perhaps most often associated with a ski chalet or lake house, the A-frame is a home that exudes leisure and feels as relaxing inside as it appears from out. If you're considering an A-frame, here are a few of our favorites.

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    Stunning A-Frame Houses

    Blue a-frame house with white molding
    sherikowalski / Instagram

    Like this charming blue A-frame from sherikowalski, most homes in this style are used for vacation or second homes, but A-frame houses are also beginning to rise in popularity outside of the vacation home market.

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    Simple Yet Stunning

    White a-frame house
    Instagram / michellemovestomball

    This white A-frame from michellemovestomball feels very Scandinavian with its simplistic shiplap siding and modern design. The oversized symmetrical windows frame the house and open up the space, allowing natural light in and grounding the home in the nature around it. 

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    Desert A-frame

    Brown a-frame house
    themodernranchwife / Instagram

    This New Mexican A-frame home from themodernranchwife features the traditional triangular frame, but also has a wing that extends out to the side, giving the home more interior space. This desert ranch is a great example of an A-frame home that doesn't feel cabin-like, but rather has a uniquely southwestern vibe.  

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    Two-Story A-frame

    Black a-frame house with two stories
    bennett_young / Instagram

    Though many A-frame homes are a single story with an open loft or extra-high ceilings, this beautiful black A-frame pictured by bennett_young is a great example of a two-story home that maintains the triangular shape. We love the double-decker pitched roof and the moody exterior paint color that highlights the architectural features of the home. 

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    Helsinki A-frame

    A frame house in the mountains
    joonaslinkola / Instagram

    This earth-friendly A-frame from joonaslinkola is a unique take on the style, creating a cozy cabin that truly feels one with the outside world around it. It's just large enough for a bedroom, but the oversized window makes it feel spacious and wide open. 

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    Beach Vibes

    A frame house in the jungle
    daphneymizhelle / Instagram

    This Filipino A-frame home from daphneymizhelle has convinced us that the best beach home style is definitely an A-frame. We love the bamboo frame and natural details that blend beautifully with the palm trees and tropical plants around the home.

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    A Wide Porch

    Black a frame house with a porch
    riverfrontretreat / Instagram

    While some A-frames maintain a simplistic exterior, we love the oversized wraparound porch framing this woodsy cabin from riverfrontretreat. Not only does it extend the living space, but it allows the A-frame to perch slightly above the ground and act as a viewing platform for the surrounding forest.

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    Cozy A-frame Bedroom

    a bed in an a frame house
    reagan.alicia / Instagram

    There's just something magical and comforting about a cozy bedroom like this one from reagan.alicia. The A-frame style gives the bedroom a tent-like feel, just big enough for a bed, a cup of coffee, and a great view.

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    Modern and Stunning

    Modern a frame house in the wilderness
    kyleskulodges_ / Instagram

    This A-frame home from kyleskulodges is awe-worthy. It has a unique, simple-but-modern design that almost appears to pop out of the ground. The minimalist nature of the home helps it feel uniform with the stunning landscapes around it.