A Healthy Vegan Halloween?

Vegan Halloween tips, sugar-free alternatives to trick-or-treating

Antonio M. Rosario / Getty Images

Isn't there always one house in the neighborhood that hands out raisins or sunflower seeds on Halloween, much to the chagrin of all of the kids? If you don’t want your kids overdosing on sugar and don’t feel right about handing out sticky gobs of pure corn syrup to everyone else’s kids, then read on for some “tricks” to finding “treats” that won’t contribute to the yacht fund of your local dentist!

Plus, find out which Halloween candies are vegan.

Of course, you could always turn out the lights and go to bed early, but if you've got kids, that's hardly an option! Here are my vegan Halloween ideas for a sugar-free or healthy Halloween the whole family can enjoy.

Instead of candy or food, hand out stickers!

Kids love stickers, and they're much more fun than raisins! You can order super-cute vegetarian-themed stickers from PETA for free, or drop by a craft store to pick up a variety of stickers and let your trick-or-treaters choose. Many larger malls also have specialty sticker or scrapbooking stores that will have a large variety of fun designs.

Create a new tradition.

Perhaps even more important that what you do to celebrate Halloween with your family is that you do something. Establishing your own vegan-friendly Halloween traditions can be a fun and special alternative to a week’s worth of sugar highs and lows.

Trick-or-Treating Alternatives

If you don’t want your own kids trick-or-treating, here are a few alternatives:

  • Rent scary movies or dress up in your fabulous costumes and go out to the movies!
  • Get together with other vegan or health-concerned families and throw your own vegan Halloween party, complete with pumpkin carving, a costume contest, pin-the-bone-on-the-skeleton, and, of course, bobbing for apples!
  • Many churches, community centers and even shopping malls have Halloween festivals that provide a safe alternative to trick-or-treating. There is likely to be some candy at these events, but much less than with trick-or-treating. Check your local paper for announcements of these events.
  • Spend the evening baking some spooky Halloween treats together.
  • If you’ve got some artistic energy and live in a safe neighborhood, turn your home into a haunted house and invite trick-or-treaters in for a tour!

Hand out vegan candy

If you do want to hand out candy, there are lots of vegan candies available. A word of caution, however, vegan Halloween candies can be just as full of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup as those containing animal products. Or, shop at your local health food store to find some sugar-free or healthier Halloween candies. Be sure to stop by the bulk bins section as well, as there is usually some vegan candy in the bulk bins. Here's an idea: hand out vegan chocolates!

Don't give in!

Of course you could always be “that house” that hands out raisins and nuts or dried fruits. Sure all the neighborhood kids will snicker, but the parents will love you, and you'll know that you did what you thought was best.

Whatever you do, have a safe, happy and healthy vegan Halloween or sugar-free Halloween!