A Prudent $89 Laundry Room Redo

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    Just Another Laundry Room

    In her blog, aPrudentLife, Melissa, a devoted University of Tulsa fan, shares her love of decorating and organization. The blog is filled with wonderfully creative ideas and tips to keep your home organized and running smoothly. When I discovered her laundry room redo, I had to share it with About Laundry readers. With just $89 dollars, she took a very nice and functional laundry room to an energized, fun space with organization to spare.

    At first glance, Melissa's laundry room could just be the envy of many of us. It is a narrow, pullman style laundry but has great features - new appliances, tile flooring, closed storage and a folding area with a hanging rod. All it needed was a bit of pizzaz and you'll see that Melissa brings plenty of that.


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    Paint and Creativity = Laundry Room Style

    Just look what a can of paint can do! Out with contractor's beige and in with Valspar's Dip in the Pool. Inspiration came from the colors of an artisan woven cotton throw rug and Melissa choose one of the colors that makes her happy. The rug is perfect for the high traffic area because it can be easily washed and will not be harmed should a dreaded washer leak occur.

    Next, Melissa added some graphic touches with inexpensive chipboard letters spray painted to match the new cabinet hardware and free downloadable prints (find them here). One way that Melissa lives up to her reputation of leading a prudent life is that she repurposes accessories and looks beyond the current state of a piece. If the color doesn't work, paint it. If you can't find exactly what you desire, make it yourself.

    After moving out some of the cluttered cleaning tools near one of the doors, it was time to get organized and even create an attractive solution for dryer lint that became a Pinterest sensation.


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    Organization Makes Laundry Day Easier

    Like most of us, the cabinets in the laundry room had become a catch-all for "stuff". We all lead busy lives and it can be easy to just hide things away that don't have a permanent home.

    Melissa began by taking everything out of the cabinets and thoughtfully discarding items that were no longer used or didn't belong in the laundry room.

    Next, she used bins, baskets and boxes to sort and organize supplies. No need to buy new or special storage items. You can mix and match, use spray paint to create the colors you decide to save money. The key to organization is sorting and storing like items together and labeling. Adding a label allows others to find - and store - items without difficulty. I'm especially in love with the lost sock bin!

    While Melissa doesn't have any small children, she does have a German Shepherd she adores. So, storing laundry detergents and cleaners behind closed doors and out of reach is best to protect everyone.


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    Laundry Room Pet Corner

    Pets play an exceptionally important role in our families and deserve a spot for their food and supplies. Parts of the laundry room often become part of pet care - even their home - due to the durable surfaces and water supplies.

    Melissa's German Shepherd, Maddie, had a space for her things but it wasn't very organized. So, with just a bit of elbow grease and plenty of creative style, Maddie's cabinet has become attractive and informative.

    Melissa add a piece of chalkboard vinyl to create a message board on the interior cabinet door. This is perfect for Vet appointment reminders and to help a dog sitter with any instructions. And, you'll note that there are no dangerous chemicals that can cause any harm to Maddie. Remember, pets can be poisoned in the laundry room!