This Stylish Glass Set Helped Me Declutter My Mismatched Glassware

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Nesting glassware set review by Aarke

Aarke / Image Treatment by The Spruce

As an apartment-dweller, I love any product that helps me save space without compromising on something I actually need. So when I got the new nesting glass set from Aarke, the Swedish company best known for their stylish carbonators, I knew it was about to save me a ton of space.

When I heard Aarke was releasing a new line of sleek glassware, I knew I had to have them. A major selling point for me about this glass set was, obviously, the fact that they stack into each other. In terms of storage, you can fit all four glasses into the same space as one regular-sized glass.

Aarke Nesting Glasses Set

Aarke nesting glass set


I already own an Aarke carbonator, which I use every day and love. It's an item I don't mind taking up space on my countertop because it's so nice to look at (I have the copper version), and its footprint isn't actually that big. I also really like that it's fully manual, so it doesn't have to be near a plug.

Over the years, I've accumulated quite a collection of glassware: a colorful set from Target that I bought when I had a patio, a selection of whiskey glasses from various distilleries and yard sales, and random glasses that once belonged to full sets that I haven't been able to part with yet. With this nesting set, I'm finally able to purge my cupboards and bar cart and consolidate my glassware—for which my husband is very thankful.

But the stacking feature is not purely functional; the way the glasses fit into each other like nesting dolls, each one a different shape, is visually appealing and unique when it comes to glassware. I also love the style of the glasses, with their rounded bottoms, and how modern they look. The glasses are made of pure crystal glass and the glass is quite thin, but they still somehow feel sturdy and lightweight.

And if you're wary about glasses in different shapes, don't be—all four glasses hold exactly the same amount of liquid (9.8 oz), so you won't have to worry about meeting your daily water intake or fighting with your family and friends over who gets the larger glass.

So far, I've been using these glasses mostly for drinking my carbonated water in the evenings. But I also like the idea of serving cocktails in them, or using them when I just want a small glass of wine at the end of a long day.

While I've been hand-washing mine (only because I don't actually have a dishwasher), they are dishwasher safe—and who doesn't love easy cleanup?

I love these glasses so much, I'm considering getting the matching carafe as well, for a modern, sophisticated, and streamlined touch to my bar cart.

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