The ABC of Annual Feng Shui Updates

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    The info on the annual feng shui updates is very popular, with people asking for these updates way before the beginning of the New Year! If you are new to feng shui, this info can confuse you, so it is always best to start with feng shui basics, and then slowly progress to implementing the annual feng shui updates.

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    What Exactly are the Annual Updates?

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    The yearly feng shui updates are based on the wisdom of the classical feng shui school called the Flying Stars (Xuan Kong​)​. This feng shui school calculates the movement of specific positive, as well as negative energies, called feng shui stars. This movement is calculated by year, month, day and even hour!  

    The most popular updates are the ones of the annual feng shui stars; this is the info that the feng shui enthusiasts implement in their homes or offices at the beginning of the New Year.

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    What is an Annual Star?

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    In simple terms, an annual feng shui star is a specific quality of energy.   There is a total of 9 feng shui stars - 5 positive and 4 negative stars. They move according to the ancient dynamic of the Lo Shu Square

    In the areas of one's home where the positive annual energies (feng shui stars) are present, specific cures are recommended to amplify their benefits, while also focusing on negating the possible ill effects of the not-so-positive stars.

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    How Are the Annual Feng Shui Updates Applied?

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    The annual feng shui updates are usually applied with the ​classical feng shui bagua. This work has power only after one has defined the bagua of the home or office and has worked with it for a while - meaning many feng shui cures have been implemented and a good energetic foundation has been established.

    The actual implementation of the annual feng shui updates is easy - it is just like applying any other feng shui cure once you know what is needed in any specific area. We have the annual updates explained in detail for you every year, so the process in itself is not complicated.

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    Can You Apply the Annual Updates with the BTB Bagua?

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    Many feng shui enthusiasts that work with the Western/BTB bagua are also keen on applying the annual feng shui updates. This is difficult to do and can create a lot of confusion, so it is usually not encouraged. The reason being the difference in the foundation of the feng shui work - the Classical bagua and the Western/BTB bagua are applied differently.

    For example, while the Classical bagua deals with the energy of specific compass directions, the Western/BTB bagua does not take this info into consideration. Unless you know your house, in feng shui terms, very well, and have worked with your Western bagua for a while, it is best to wait with the annual feng shui updates.

    However, if you feel ready and confident, we also have the info on the annual feng shui updates for the Western/BTB bagua, in addition to the Classical bagua feng shui updates.

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    What Are the Annual Feng Shui Cures?

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    The annual feng shui cures are the main tools used to amplify the beneficial energies (feng shui stars), as well as to neutralize the negative ones. These are the same feng shui cures you would usually associate with feng shui decor items - Buddha statues, mirrors, fountains, candles, wind chimes, Chinese coins, specific feng shui use of colors, art and shapes, etc.

    Their power as an annual feng shui cure comes when positioned in a specific way in specific areas of your home or office in any given year.

    Many of these feng shui cures are used only once (meaning for a one year cycle) and then discarded. This is especially true of the salt water cure, one of the most popular annual feng shui cures to negate the malevolent effect of several annual feng shui stars.​

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    Where Can You Buy Your Annual Feng Shui Cures?

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    You can find your annual feng shui cures - or any other permanent feng shui cures for your home or office - in a variety of places. Of course, it all depends on what you are looking for!

    It is easy to find many good feng shui fountains, mirrors, Buddha statues, wind chimes, crystals (to name just a few of the most popular feng shui cures!) in any home decor store, garden store or a new age bookstore.

    When it comes to more specific and unique feng shui cures such as the Pi Yao/Pi Xiu, for example, or the Chi Lins, the Chinese coins or metal wind chimes of a specific design, your best bet is either a Chinatown or a reputable online source.

    And some popular and powerful feng shui cures, such as the wealth vase or the salt water cure, you can make yourself!

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    Do You Cleanse or Discard Your Cures?

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    Any feng shui cure - be it a permanent one or an annual feng shui cure - is most efficient when it has fresh, clean, potent energy. This means the cure is cleansed from time to time, and how you cleanse it depends on what cure we are looking at, of course.

    Keeping a mirror or a feng shui fountain clean is just common sense. It can get a bit more difficult to spot an energetically "exhausted" cure. Usually, the feng shui cures that are used as protectors, or neutralizers of bad annual feng shui energy need to be either deeply cleansed or discharged. ​​

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    Do You Need To Energize Your Cures?

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    Energizing a feng shui cure means filling a specific object you intend to use as a feng shui cure with the most potent energy.  You have to have a clear intent as to why you are using it. What do you expect this object to do? What energy to attract or neutralize? 

    In addition to having a clear intent when placing an annual feng shui cure, it is also highly recommended to fill it with good energy/energizing it. This can be anything from keeping your feng shui cures for a short period of time on your home altar to placing them under the rays of the moon or the sun. It can also mean leaving your feng shui cure (for a bit) in lush place in your garden so that it absorbs potent nature energy.

    Of course, the steps you take depend on your specific cure!

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    Good Feng Shui Areas this Year

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    Now that you now all the basic info about the annual feng shui updates, let's look at the specific updates for your home or office this year! Otherwise, what's the point of understanding what the feng shui updates are if we do not apply them?

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    Detailed Info on Good Feng Shui Annual Areas

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    You can also browse the info on good feng shui annual areas with photos and more details, from which cures to choose to where to place them for best feng shui this year.

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    Bad Feng Shui Areas this Year

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    It is important to know which areas in your home or office will be hosting the challenging annual feng shui stars. Taking care of the potentially negative areas will give you the peace of mind, as well as, of course, neutralize the challenging annual energy.

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    Bad Feng Shui Annual Areas with Photos

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    Just like with the good annual feng shui areas, we also have a more detailed info on the bad feng shui annual areas. Look at photos, specific tips and feng shui cures to neutralize the negative annual energy in your home or office.

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    Applying the annual feng shui updates can seem difficult and even overwhelming, but with all the info you have here it should be really easy! Of course, as with any project, be sure to give yourself enough time and plan everything in advance - the supplies you need to buy, the time you need to cleanse and energize your annual feng shui cures, as well as selecting a good window of time to actually place them in your home or office.

    Traditionally, the annual feng shui cures are placed right before the Chinese New Year, but it is never too late to place them at any time during the year!

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