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Horses In Their Stalls
How much do you know about horses, riding and horse care?. Ben Welsh/Design Pics/Getty Images

Here is a list of all the horse quizzes on the About Horses site. The key to doing well on these quizzes is to read over the related information in each category. But, of course, you can also jump right in and have fun.

Horse Terminology Quiz

Do you understand 'horse talk'? Just like any other sport, horseback riding and driving has its own language and terms. Do you know what forging, green broke or numnah is?
Check out the horse terms glossaries to learn what these words mean, and many more you'll hear in the horse world.

Safety Quiz

John Lyons said it best in his quotable quote:
Human safety is first.
Horse safety is second.
Everything else is third."
John Lyons
Staying safe around horses takes a little knowledge. Read Staying Safe Around Horses, How to Tie Your Horse or Pony Safely and Leading Your Horse Safely and you'll find this quiz a snap.

Care and Feeding Quizzes

Do you think you are ready to own a horse? Do you know the basics of caring for a horse, how to groom, when to feed concentrates and supplements, how to choose good hay and what your horse's basic vital signs should be? Take these quizzes and find out if you're ready to own a horse.

There's an old saying: "No hoof, no horse". Good hoof care is essential to maintaining the soundness of our horses. Hoof problems like thrush can cause lameness if untended, going too long without trims can cause strain on muscles and tendons and not removing or resetting shoes can cause damage to the hoof.

Test your knowledge of hoof care.

  • Try the Horse Hoof Care Quiz
Horse care doesn't just entail feeding and grooming. Good horsemanship includes looking after your horse before, during and after your ride. Do you know how to saddle up, and how to look after your horse after riding? And do you know how to reward your horse with treats safely?
  • Horse Quiz - What Comes Next Horse Quiz
    The 'What Comes Next Quiz' tests your knowledge of how to safely catch, tack up, ride and cool out a horse. See if you know 'what comes next' with this fun quiz.
  • Disease and Illness Quiz
  • How much do you know about common diseases and illnesses in horses? Test your knowledge about COPD, HYPP, West Nile and other diseases and illness that horses can get.

Parts of the Horse Quiz

Do you know the crest from the gaskin? Where is the fetlock and is it near the forelock? Find out if you know the parts of the horse with this quiz. Want to refresh your memory about the parts of the horse? Just click this map of the horse .

Horse Breeds Quiz

The Arabian, Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse are just a few of the most popular breeds of horses. How much do you know about common breeds of horses, small, medium and large?

    Tack And Equipment Quizzes

    Understanding how various bits work and taking good care of your equipment will keep your horse comfortable. Well cared for saddles can last for years. Learn how to choose and fit an English or western saddle so that both you and your horse don't become 'saddle sore'.

    Horse Training

    Horse training is challenging, but for some people it is very rewarding. Some would say that we are training our horses each time we handle them. What should you train a horse? What should a young horse know? What should you avoid? Take the horse training trivia quiz and test your horse training knowledge.
    • Horse Training Quiz

    And finally, we probably don't really need to ask, but are you horse crazy?

    How horse crazy? Here's how to find out. Test your level of horse craziness and find useful links along with your score. You'll also learn where to find help and support.

    • Are You Horse Crazy Quiz - Horse Crazy Quiz Results - Horse Crazy Quiz