20 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget

Above ground partial pool deck

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Above-ground pools are a budget-friendly alternative to more permanent in-ground options, but the cost can start to tick up when it comes to pool decking. Many of these pool decks are meant to integrate the above-ground pool into the landscaping, giving it a more seamless look, but with some of the more elaborate designs, you’ll easily start to approach in-ground costs.

But there are above-ground pool decks that will save you significant money and DIY time, without sacrificing style or accepting that the pool will never look like part of the yard. From pea gravel to artificial turf grass, wood to vinyl, here are 20 above-ground pool deck ideas on a budget to inspire your outdoor space.

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    Build Just Enough Decking

    Tank pool with black wood decking

    @sarah.wetzel202 / Instagram

    This stylish backyard tank pool utilizes sleek black decking just around the back side, which saved major dollars and DIY effort. Plus, by leaving one side open, they left room for the cheeky "No Diving" sign.

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    Put Down Pea Gravel

    above ground pool with pebble gravel around it

    Cleardesign1 / Getty Images

    This above ground pool embraces the architectural lines of the pool's supports and, rather than build a deck, they filled in the yard around it with drainage-friendly pea gravel. This lends itself to the modern outdoor furniture that sits by the pool.

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    Frame the Pool With Tile

    Blue tile around inflatable pool

    senatorek / Getty Images

    This inflatable above ground pool sits above a mosaic of sea-blue tiles, echoing the blue of the pool. It's a small but mighty look that is affordable when kept to smaller sizes.

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    Combine Stone and Wood

    Above ground pool with sand and wood platforms

    AzmanJaka / Getty Images

    This shallow above ground pool has a modern look with both pea gravel and wood platforms for lounging. It seems like it has sprung up from the landscape with its low profile.

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    Go With a Classic Wood Deck

    wood pool deck

    Igor Alecsander / Getty Images

    Wood decks are less expensive to install than their vinyl and composite counterparts, if you have the time and inclination to keep it in good working order. It will take refinishing and staining, but it's not a difficult DIY for those up for the job.

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    Match the Partial Platform to the Deck

    Wood pool deck with platform

    DigiStu / Getty Images

    A full platform can run up your costs, but a partial one looks intentional when it's done in the same finish as the deck and pool surround. It's a cohesive, monochromatic look that doesn't look like the budget-friendly choice it is.

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    Integrate the Deck Into Your Existing Deck

    Above ground partial pool deck

    Chiyacat / Getty Images

    One way to save on a pool deck project is to pull the pool right up to your existing deck. You'll save yourself from building a new structure, and it will give you an infinity pool look.

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    Stay Small

    Wood and concrete pool deck

    dimarik / Getty Images

    You can use high-end finishes and still stay on an affordable budget when you keep the scale small. This pool feels luxurious but, thanks to its size, it's not going to break the bank.

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    Put the Pool on a Platform

    Platform pool deck

    TomasNikonoff / Getty Images

    A pool that sits upon a simple wood platform in the middle of the landscape feels otherworldly in a delightful way, like it simply popped up out of nowhere. Plus, it's less expensive to build than a full deck that's attached to your existing outdoor space.

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    Try Poured Concrete

    Above ground pool surrounded by half circle

    Dontstop / Getty Images

    Concrete is one of the most cost-effective materials for pool decking and, while this above-ground pool may have had a higher budget, it utilizes budget-friendly materials. Its expense all comes down to the design.

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    Keep It Simple

    Plank pool deck

    Vandeck Builders

    While this example is anything but demure, it shows off one of the best tips to keep costs down: keep it simple. Don't mix materials, don't get fancy, just keep it incredibly simple and you'll stay in the affordable realm.

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    Look at Rubberized Tile

    Pool surrounded by multi-level decking

    Goce / Getty Images

    Non-slip interlocking pool tiles are a practical and budget-friendly choice for pool decking. Plus, they allow water to drain, which keeps your space in working order and translates into lower maintenance costs

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    Choose a Classic, Simple Wood

    camp-inspired above ground pool deck

    Robert Bodnar / Getty Images

    A camp-inspired look is perfectly nostalgic, and it's also one of the least expensive ways to outfit your pool deck. This one is build around the above ground pool, making it blend into the landscape.

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    Splurge on a Small Area

    Small area of tile on pool deck

    mimal / Getty Images

    Tile is an easy way to make a pool look luxurious, but it comes at a cost. You can still get the same look without splurging on a large tile area. With just the immediate surround tiled, this pool looks magazine-worthy. But, the rest of the deck is budget-friendly in wood.

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    Drop It Into the Deck

    Above ground pool built into deck

    Aleksandr Kondratov / Getty Images

    You can give an above-ground pool a built-in look by cutting out an area of your deck to perfectly match it and dropping the pool in. It gives an in-ground look without the price tag.

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    Create a Fenced-in Deck

    Above ground pool with gray vinyl decking

    Upper Dauphin Vinyl Products

    A fenced-in deck above your pool creates a relaxing spot to feel a world away from the stresses of everyday life. It also creates a separation from the pool itself that lets you turn the decking area into an adult's retreat while the children play. Vinyl plank will cost you more upfront but the maintenance is more budget-friendly than wood, which will need to be treated and refinished every few years.

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    Add in Benches

    Above ground pool with benches

    nedomacki / Getty Images

    Adding in store-bought benches is an easy way to get a custom pool deck feel without dropping custom prices. These hexagonal benches fit right in, adding extra seating and a place to stash bags and snacks off the ground.

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    Go All in On Grass

    above ground pool surrounded by grass

    Jena Ardell / Getty Images

    The easiest way to create a pool deck on a budget? Skip it entirely. There's nothing that says summer more than green grass, and around the pool is no exception.

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    Embrace a Higher Level

    Pool set below yard

    Dejan Marjanovic / Getty Images

    If you have a multi-level yard, that's a great opportunity to create a pool deck without needing to break ground or DIY a thing. Use the existing landscape as a platform above your pool.

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    Opt for Artificial Turf Grass

    Above ground pool surrounded by astroturf

    Alberto Gagliardi / Getty Images

    The chlorine from a pool can do a number on grass, but if you opt for artificial turf grass for the area around your watering hole, you won't have to worry about replanting season-after-season.