25 Creative Ideas for Above the Bed Wall Decor

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If you're wondering just exactly what to display over your bed to give your room a little extra pizzazz, we're here to help. Whether you can't get enough of open shelving, are looking to go the practical route, or have special photos to display, you'll surely gather plenty of styling inspiration from the 25 bedrooms featured below. Then go ahead and shop your home, the local secondhand store, or your favorite decor website to find that perfect piece that's calling your name and will look oh-so-fabulous in your bedroom. Given how much time you spend in this space, there's no reason not to make it feel special.

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    Embrace the Eclectic

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    Be eclectic! Take a look around your favorite vintage or secondhand stores and look for an art piece that speaks to you. This tiger piece makes a major statement.

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    Stay Simple

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    Keep it simple and dreamy by displaying some heart shaped decals on the wall. How romantic!

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    Make It Rustic

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    If you're drawn to rustic spaces, hanging some faux antlers above the bed will bring that cabin-like feel into your bedroom ASAP.

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    Choose Cheery Colors

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    A large painting will always brighten up the bedroom. If you have white walls and want to make a statement, opt for a piece that's oversized and colorful. This one commands our attention instantly!

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    Show Off Woven Finds

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    Grouping together woven mirrors and baskets is an affordable way to create a small gallery wall above the bed. Why not shop your own home to see what pieces like this you may already have on hand that are worth displaying?

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    Pin It Up

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    Sometimes, choosing to artfully tack or tape an art print to the wall can help make a space look more laid back and carefree. While we love a good framed piece, there's nothing wrong with this approach, particularly if you're designing a temporary bedroom or enjoy rearranging often.

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    Say Yay to Macrame

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    Macrame hangings are a popular choice for above the bed and can even be made as part of a DIY. Bring on the boho-style vibes!

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    Mix and Match

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    Who says you have to choose between a mirror, a cutout, and an art print? You can group all three of these items together above the bed for a more maximalist setup that's full of life and personality (just like you!).

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    Pick a Pretty Print

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    A framed photo of a favorite destination will evoke happy memories every time you see it. There's nothing wrong with starting and ending your day admiring a favorite place.

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    Go Geometric

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    A honeycomb shaped storage system makes for a fun way to display favorite trinkets, succulents, and the like. Who said a practical system had to be boring?

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    Put Your Plants First

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    Go green! Placing plant friends above the bed will make you feel as though you're dozing off in a calming rainforest.

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    Go Off the Beaten Path

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    There's no reason you have to hang art directly above your bed; hanging a piece off to the side is a great way to make a funky statement. If you opt to hang your artwork from a decorative knob, that's even more fun.

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    Style a Shelfie

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    Displaying a shelf above the bed is a popular choice for kid and adult rooms alike. Decorate the shelf to your heart's content—it can hold stuffed animals, plants, candles, artwork, or a mix of all of the above.

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    Say It Out Loud

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    People have mixed views on word art, but we're all for anything in moderation. Choose a phrase that is meaningful to you or opt for something more lighthearted, and let it (literally) do the talking.

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    Plug in a Projector

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    If you opt to hang a shelf above your bed, using it to house a projector, as seen here, is also a smart solution. Bring on the cozy movie binges under the covers!

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    Choose Black and White

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    Black and white prints are ideal if you want to include some art in a space but aren't drawn to anything too bold. Pick up a corresponding set that will fill the space above your bed, and you're good to go.

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    Arrange a Grouping

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    If you can't find one large photo that you like, consider hanging three small ones above the length of your headboard. You can opt to frame photographs, sketches, or even wallpaper samples.

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    Complement Your Headboard

    bed decor

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    Hang a mirror over your bed to reflect light in your space (and make your room feel larger). Bonus points if you pick a style that matches your headboard perfectly. Here, rattan looks lovely in this boho-style room.

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    Hang a Mirror

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    A beautiful ornate mirror can shine above the bed. Just ensure that it is securely fastened with the proper hanging equipment; heavier pieces like these will require close attention.

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    Bring in Some Nature

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    Botanical prints are soothing and timeless. Placed atop a green wall, they're even more precious!

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    Go Big

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    An oversized, artistic photo adds drama to this sleep space. Even if the rest of your decor is relatively simple, there's no reason you can't think outside the box and opt for bolder art.

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    Hang a Basket

    bed decor

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    We love this super cute take on a traditional planter—a little basket makes displaying plants over the bed nice and easy and adds so much charm to any space.

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    Think Abstract

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    Abstract art continues to remain en vogue and can be found in every color. You could also try your hand at a painting of your own using leftover wall paint.

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    Play to Existing Architecture

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    If your wall features an intricate design such as board and batten, allow that feature to shine by decorating around it, as we see above.

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    Make It a Double

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    Once again, abstract pieces shine in this neutral bedroom. The more artwork, the merrier—in this case, two complementary pieces hung side by side look ultra luxe.