Accent Wall Finishes

The most common types used in bedrooms

An accent wall is a great way to add some accent colors, depth, and focal point to a bedroom. There are many different types of finishes and ideas for accent walls; here is a quick guide to finding the best and most common types of wall finishes used in bedrooms.

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    Interior Wall Paint

    Modern bedroom with bold colors and view of river.
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    A vivid or bold paint color is a safe and wonderful way to add an accent wall to a bedroom. This gives you many options and concepts to incorporate into your design. The most common paint type and finishes used in bedrooms are water or latex-based paint with an egg-shell, satin or semi-gloss finish.

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    Decorative Paint Techniques or Faux Finish

    Modern Bedroom by Alexandre Zveiger
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    If you want to add some depth or personality to your bedroom then adding a decorative paint technique or faux finish to an accent wall will do the trick. There are many different types and styles of faux finishes to choose from that will match any bedroom decorating style.

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    Modern Bedroom Interior
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    Wallpaper is another great alternative for an accent wall in a bedroom. It can add a touch of ​a contemporary, traditional, or modern element to your room along with a nice pop of color and texture.

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    Wall Stickers

    Contemporary Bedroom With wall stickers
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    Wall Stickers are a very popular, affordable, and simple way to create an accent wall in your bedroom. You can find many patterns and options that can be applied to a wall in a pattern then easily removed later if you decide to change your color or design scheme.

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    Wall Murals

    Eclectic Bedroom With Cityscape
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    A wall mural is a great accent wall for a bedroom theme or child and teen bedroom. It can be added using paint, wall stickers, or with wallpaper. Some wall mural examples are Tromp L’Oeil, landscapes, cityscapes, or cartoon type characters.

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    Decorative Wood Paneling

    Modern Bedroom With Wood Paneling
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    Wood paneling is another alternative for an accent wall in your bedroom. This is a popular technique used in some modern designs as well as country or rustic bedrooms. Modern bedrooms tend to incorporate the natural wood's texture and color; while country style bedrooms often paint the wood paneling white or a pastel color to create a more cozy and charming retreat.

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    Book Shelves, Furniture, and Closet Doors

    Blue Bedroom
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    By adding a custom bookshelf, a large wall-sized piece of artwork or mirror, wardrobe, or a unique closet door design is also another way to add an accent wall to your bedroom. These objects—if large enough—will take up an entire wall of your bedroom; therefore, it’s a good idea to use and incorporate them into your design and designate these elements as an accent wall.