30 Wood Accent Wall Ideas That Aren't Dated

Wood divider wall for dining room


Wood accent walls can elevate a room, whether your style is eclectic or minimal, boho or modern. Maybe you'd prefer to paint the wood accent wall for a textured and tasteful feature, or pair it with a piece of art or furniture to really make a statement. Whatever design preferences pique your interest, a wood accent wall is sure to enhance the look.

Here are 30 stunning accent wood wall ideas for any home, any room, and any style.

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    Create a Dual Accent Wall and Room Divider

    Wood accent wall idea with cane as room divider

    @abitare_studio / Instagram

    A room divider is a simple, and stylish, way to create a versatile space. Use wood paneling to design a room divider that adds to your room both practically and aesthetically.

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    Hang Wood Blinds for Visual Interest

    Wood accent wall idea as wood blinds over windows

    @abitare_studio / Instagram

    If your home features a wall of windows, add some visual appeal with modern wood blinds. This can create the impression of an accent wall, without hiding the beauty of your windows.

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    Use Wood to Add Texture

    Wood wall accent ideas with siding style design paired with wallpaper

    @amberpiercedesigns / Instagram

    Install wood paneling before you paint to add a little texture to your walls. In the kitchen above, this idea adds subtle visual interest and pairs beautifully with the adjacent intricate wallpaper.

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    Use Wood Panels as a Backdrop

    Wood accent wall idea with smooth panels

    Alvin Wayne

    Wood accent walls can be an eye-catching feature all on their own, but they can also act as a backdrop. This design uses wood to create an artistic element on an otherwise bland TV wall.

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    Install Stained Shiplap Instead of Wallpaper

    Wood accent wall ideas with stained shiplap

    @amberpiercedesigns / Instagram

    Wallpaper is a popular addition to any stylish powder bath, but wood is a gorgeous alternative. Keep the natural color of your shiplap or stain it for a fun and finished look.

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    Match the Wood on Your Ceiling and Walls

    Wood accent wall ideas with white shiplap on walls and ceiling

    Anne Sage

    If you like the wood accent wall concept, but don't want an especially loud statement wall, use wood to add a hint of texture to your walls, then pull the look up and across your ceiling.

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    Create a Geometric Wood Accent Wall

    Painted custom wood accent wall

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    A wood accent wall can be customized in a variety of ways. One option for lovers of modern, minimal design is to use wood to create your own unique geometric backdrop. The clawfoot tub in this bathroom really pops.

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    Use Wood Panels as a Headboard

    Raw wood accent wall as headboard

    arbor & co.

    Wood paneling can be a statement piece all on it's own, or it can enhance another feature in your room. This petite bedroom has a luxurious feel with a natural wood accent wall acting as a frame for the bed.

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    Use Flooring as a Wall Feature

    Install herringbone flooring as a wood accent wall

    The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

    Should flooring be limited to floors? In the world of clever, innovative interior design, it isn't. When it comes to wood accent walls, feel free to think outside the box.

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    Consider a Combo Wood Accent Wall and Shelf

    Narrow panels as wood accent wall feature in bedroom

    Design by Malcolm Simmons / Photo by Keyanna Brown

    Wood accent walls are gorgeous, of course, but they can also have a practical purpose. This design features a slender shelf that spans the whole length of the wall. Use narrow wooden slats or even dowels to recreate this exquisite look.

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    Try Wood Paneling as a Kitchen Backsplash

    Wood accent wall as kitchen backsplash

    @afrobohemianliving / Instagram

    If you love a butcher block countertop, consider extending your kitchen countertops up the wall for a natural backsplash. For a functional addition, finish off the design with a shelf on top.

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    Install Wood Slats as a Floor-to-Ceiling Headboard

    Floor-to-ceiling wood headboard

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    Custom slender wood paneling is a great way to add a simple, but stylish feature in your home. The addition of paneling to this wall gives this modern bedroom an almost palatial feel.

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    Create Your Own Art with Wood

    Modern accent wall feature as alternative headboard

    @ann.living / Instagram

    Some people prefer abstract art, others like a gallery wall. With wood, you can create a custom statement piece that matches your unique design taste.

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    Match Your Wood Accent Wall to the Furniture

    Match wood accent wall to furniture stain

    @jennpablostudio / Instagram

    An easy way to create a wood accent wall that blends seamlessly with your furniture is by simply matching the stain. This stunning sofa pairs perfectly with the wall paneling for a cohesive living room design.

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    Bring the Outdoors In

    Wood accent wall next to windows

    @jennpablostudio / Instagram

    Since wood is a natural material, it's a great way to create an indoor/outdoor feel in your home. Design a wood accent wall near some large windows to draw the outdoors in.

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    Paint Your Wood Accent Wall Black

    Wood accent wall painted black

    LeClair Decor

    If the ideas mentioned so far feel a little tame to you, then elevate your design with a bold, black accent wall. Contrast with neutral tones to make everything pop.

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    Create a Board and Batten Half Wall

    Board and batten half wall with wallpaper

    Margaret Wright Photography

    Board and batten is particularly trendy for exterior siding, but you can also use it to create an accent wall indoors. Extend this decorative paneling halfway up the wall or up to the ceiling.

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    Pair Wood Paneling With White Cabinetry

    Pair wood accent wall with white cabinetry

    Tyler Karu Design

    One reason wood accent walls are so appealing is because they create contrast against traditional white paint. This classy kitchen displays that contrast beautifully with white cabinetry and stained wood paneling.

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    Pair Your Wood Paneling With a Bold Wallpaper

    Wood accent wall with a bold wallpaper to make a gorgeous bathroom

    Whitney Parkinson Design

    Many wood accent walls feature a solid color, but those who want something a little more dramatic should consider wallpaper too. In this design, the combination of wallpaper and wainscoting is especially attractive.

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    Use Wood to Make Your Built-ins Pop

    Wood accent wall as backdrop for built-in shelving

    Whitney Parkinson Design

    If you have built-ins in your home, use wood paneling to make the contents of your shelves stand out. This is another great way to create contrast in your design.

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    Go Traditional With Picture Frame Molding

    Dining room with wood picture frame molding

    Whitney Parkinson Design

    For those who prefer traditional over modern interior design, picture frame molding is an easy and affordable way to create an elegant look in your home. This type of accent wall is especially fitting in a dining room or living room.

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    Use a Custom Wood Slab as a Your Statement Piece

    Wood slab as wood accent wall feature and headboard


    Create a one-of-a-kind wood accent wall with a custom, live-edge slab. This particular piece serves as a headboard, while also carrying midcentury nightstands and globe sconces.

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    Make Art Stand Out

    Wood accent wall with picture frame molding in theater room


    We mentioned picture frame molding for those interested in a less modern style, but this decorative paneling also pairs well with art. In this at-home theater, the movie posters get an added flair with picture frame molding.

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    Install Wainscoting for a Stylish Touch

    Baseboard as wood accent wall feature


    Wainscoting has become especially popular in recent years, and it's easy to see why. This wood accent wall option can give any room a pop of color without overwhelming the space.

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    Create Custom Built-Ins

    Custom wood accent wall doubles as built-in and entertainment unit


    One reason why wood accent walls are so popular is that they can be both decorative and practical. For instance, this wall of wooden built-ins adds both storage space and visual appeal to this modern living room.

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    Use Painted Tiles

    Wood tiles create visual appeal on wall


    When it comes to wood accent walls, you can customize the design to be as simple or spectacular as you like. In this entryway, the simple wall tiles provide a subtle complement to the credenza, creating a cohesive yet understated look.

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    Create a Wood Gallery Wall

    Wood accent wall in gallery wall format for living room


    Gallery walls and wood accent walls can look dated if done poorly, but this stunning wood statement piece uses inspiration from both to create a custom, eye-catching display.

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    Design a Dual Closet and Wood Accent Wall

    Wood accent wall doubles as closet


    Closet doors provide another great opportunity to create a wood accent wall that doubles as storage space. This particular design is especially striking, paired with a bold wallpaper and velvet headboard.

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    Construct Your Own Accent Wall With Wood

    Wood divider wall for dining room


    For those who'd like to create clear zones in their home versus a more open layout, wood can help. This delicate wood accent wall, for instance, doubles as a room divider and a statement piece.

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    Pair Your Wood Accent Wall With Stained Glass

    Custom wood accent wall with stained glass


    Wood pairs well with pops of color, so why not create a vibrant accent wall with both? This half wall features a stunning combo of dark, rich wood framing and stained glass panels.