Accordion Solitaire - Card Game Complete Rules

The complete rules for the card game Accordion Solitaire.

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Playing by the standard rules, Accordion Solitaire is a difficult card game to win. However, it provides plenty of opportunities to plan ahead and make tactical choices. Because winning is such a challenge, Accordion is also known as Idle Year.


1 player.


One standard 52-card deck, shuffled.


The goal of Accordion Solitaire is to compress the entire deck, which is spread out, into a single pile.


A large surface is needed to play this game. It begins with the player spreading the entire deck of 52 cards out on the table in a single row, creating a tableau in which the cards overlap each other and every card's suit and rank can be seen. With all the cards open in this way, the game becomes a sort of puzzle to solve.

NOTE: Some players prefer to reveal the cards one at a time, spreading them slowly. Using this method, a card may be moved immediately, if possible, or later if the player chooses to wait. This decreases the puzzle element of the game and increases the element of chance.


The tableau is compressed by matching cards of suit or rank. A card can be placed on top of the card immediately to its left, or a card three spots to the left (i.e. there are two cards between the card being moved and the card being covered) if the cards match in suit or rank.

When a card is moved, any cards it previously covered are moved along with it.

Once a card is covered, it cannot be uncovered.

NOTE: To make the game easier to win, some players adjust the allowable moves so that a card can be placed on top of additional cards. For example, allowing a card to be placed on any of the three cards to its left makes the game significantly easier to win.


You win Accordion Solitaire by compressing the entire deck into a single pile.