Accubrush MX and XT Paint Edger Tool Review


Product Description

Paint tool manufacturers have tried for years to come up with a reasonably effective paint edger tool, and have always failed. In fact, I rated the foam painting edger as one of the Worst's 7 Worst Tools. It smears, it goops, it drips. In short, it does everything but edge.

One alternative to edging tools or masking tape is somehow, miraculously, developing the expert hand for "cutting in." Since this takes years of practice to get right, it's rarely a viable option for DIYers.

Accubrush has taken the hard lessons of the past and applied them to a new tool. First of all, the Accubrush is a roller, not a slab of foam. You roll the rest of your walls, why not the edges, too? It's a logical assumption.

Next, Accubrush employs a metal edger device to keep the line razor sharp. On the fancier Accubrush XT model, this edger even moves up and down to accommodate slight bumps and imperfections the tool may encounter on the wall. Wheels on the tool also ensure that the tool rolls along, rather than slides along.

But the killer feature is the removable nylon-bristle brush that follows right behind the rollered line, to keep the paint sharp and neat.

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  • Roller, not foam pad.
  • Accubrush XT has easy-grip rubber handle.
  • Built-in brush follows roller to make for a smooth, neat line.
  • Smooth-roller wheels.
  • Roller locks into place on spindle (removes easy, too).


  • Nylon brush meant to create edge does not lay down a thick enough line.


    • Accubrush MX and XT are described as the next generation of paint edger tools.
    • Accurate paint edging without using masking tape, foam edgers, or other tools that don't work.
    • Though a bit expensive, it's cost-effective when compared to using a professional paint.

    The Bottom Line

    With all of Accubrush's mixed reviews on Amazon--an equal number of five star reviews and one star reviews, with few in between--I knew I had to try this out for myself.

    I've never been much a fan of paint edgers. But I'm also not a fan of taping or cutting in.  So I figured it was worth a try.

    I dreaded that Accubrush would lap paint over into the no-paint zone.  As it turns out, the opposite happened. Due to the little nylon brush that follows the roller, a 1/4" line is created between the thick coat of roller paint and the no-paint zone. This thin line is the same color as the roller color, but much lighter--nearly the color of the wall underneath.

    Sliding the Accubrush repeatedly back and forth only exacerbates the problem, because with every stroke, you run the risk of lapping paint into that no-paint zone.