Activities for Geek Kids

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    Activities for Geek Kids

    What activities does your geek kid love?. AbbyD11 via Flickr/CCL

    Not all kids are into sports or other typical extracurricular activities and with so many kids reclaiming the label "geek" as a proud self-descriptor, some parents are rethinking the hobbies and interests they encourage for their child. If you have a self-proclaimed individualist at home, here are great activities for geeks that will promote learning and social growth.

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    Activities for Geek Kids: Robotics

    Robots are no longer just a concept from science fiction movies and literature. While we’re not quite to the place where we should worry about whether or not robots will become completely self-aware and rise up against us (as depicted in the Terminator movies), robots and robotics are playing a large role in our everyday lives.

    Whether it’s the use of nanotechnology in medicine, robotic machines like the Mars Rover, or even a robot vacuum to make house cleaning easier, robotics will definitely be...MORE a part of your child's future. so learning how to build and program robots is a hobby that can serve your geek well.

    It’s not that hard to get into either, in part thanks to the push for making sure kids get a STEM education. Schools all over are starting to use LEGO Mindstorms as a way to teach kids logical reasoning and engineering skills, and robotic clubs and TV shows about robot wars are gaining popularity, too.

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    Activities for Geek Kids: Writing

    Writing is an activity that can help your geek kid express himself. nic519 via Flickr/CCL

    While writing is something all kids should be doing for school, taking it a step further is a great outlet for your creative child who doesn’t always follow the crowd. There are, for instance, a number of benefits to journaling, including learning the ability to self-analyze, practicing having difficult conversations, or simply having a place to record thoughts and observations about the world. But writing doesn't always have to be such an introspective experience.

    Your budding journalist may...MORE want to join the school newspaper (or start one), enter writing contests, submit to the school literary magazine, or even start expressing himself in poetry. Just don’t be surprised if some of that writing is done in permanent marker on his jeans, book bag, or even his arms and legs!

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    Activities for Geek Kids: Rubix Cubes

    Starting a Rubix Cube club is a good hobby for your geek kid. Ace Armstrong via Flickr/CCL

    You may have known that this classic toy from the 80s is making a comeback, but did you know that “cubing” may help your child get into college? Rubix Cubes and other brain-teasing puzzles don’t always have to be a solitary passion. This geek interest has actually been the basis of afterschool clubs and competitions. It’s a great way to bring like-minded kids together, as well as foster problem-solving skills and spatial awareness.

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    Activities for Geek Kids: Computer Programming

    Computer programming can teach your child to pay attention to details. Peter Cade/Getty

    Computer programming isn't really a hobby just for geeks, but it’s one that your geek child may pick up sooner and easier than her peers. There are a number of tools available to help kids learn to program, and they range from the web-based to the desktop-based to apps that can be installed on tablets and mobile devices.

    Learning how to program can not only be a confidence booster--there’s a lot of satisfaction in being able to see your program, game or interface actually work the way it was...MORE intended to--but also is a great way to help your child learn sequencing skills, patience, and how to pay attention to details.

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    Activities for Geek Kids: Cosplay

    Cosplay isn't just dressing up--it's performance art for your geek kid, too. Atsushi Yamada/Getty

    Cosplay, which is a portmanteau word for "costume play," is a great way for your child to display her individuality, creativity, makeup and sewing skills. Cosplay is more than just dressing up as a favorite character, it’s about taking pride in becoming that character and playing the role well. There’s a lot more to it than you might think and can help your child meet some amazing people who have bright futures in the performing arts or related fields.