12 Months of Fun Activities for You and Your Kids

12 Months of Activities for Kids

Parents need fun activities for their kids all year long to keep everyone off the couch and unplugged from their gadgets. Find your fun based on the month and have a whole year of fun at your fingertips.
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    Musical activities are just one way to enjoy special time with your kids in January. Photo © B. Blue / Getty Images
    The excitement of Christmas is over and kids may already be bored with the toys they found under the tree. But you can't go outside and you can't stay inside 24/7 without constructive playtime to keep you busy. January's fun activities include music time, new hobbies to master and lessons in thankfulness.
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    February is full of fun for kids. Of course, you have those Valentine's Days parties to plan for but there's also Presidents' Day, American History Month and Black History Month. These observances are not only great learning opportunities, they also have many activities hidden within their important dates. Bird watching, becoming responsible pet owners and healthy foods are also a few of the many activities for you and your kids this month.
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    Are you ready to have fun with noodles, learn about frozen foods and bring out the inner artiste in your children? This month you'll find plenty of fun activities for kids. There's another biggie to celebrate: spring! And that means you're ready to open up your child's playground beyond the four walls where winter forced you.
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    The season of fun is just livening up and so are the flowers. Spring is here and it's time to get everyone back outside. Gardening activities and beautification projects get you back in the great outdoors. It's also the time to find kid-friendly volunteering activities, take those math skills to new heights and even laugh a little.
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    The coats are packed away and T-shirts and shorts are the standard uniform. Playtime outdoors is no longer followed by hot chocolate indoors. That means you can get ready for the free summer programs offered in your city, go biking, take nature photos, enjoy the flowers and practically live outside with your kids.
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    The kids are out of school and now you're trying to keep them busy 24/7. Summer camps, Vacation Bible School and day trips may be the answer. But there are also fun activities for kids closer to home. Play outdoor sports, learn about the weather and spend time with nature's many creatures.
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    There really is such a thing as Anti-Boredom Month and it's fitting that July gets the 31 day honor. You're in the midst of summertime and you may even be getting those, "I'm bored," complaints from the same kids who couldn't wait to get out of school just weeks ago. Arm yourself with fun this month when you picnic, eat ice cream and enjoy your local parks and recreation activities.
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    School is back in session so some of the pressure to entertain your older kids has lifted. But you still want to show your children a good time when they're away from the classroom. This is the perfect month for golfing, drawing out the kid inventor in your home and even encouraging your kids to start their own business.
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    Old Man Winter is around the corner so you'll want to get in as much outdoor time as possible before he comes knocking on your door. For those ready to start making the transition to more indoor time, September is the month to read a new book, introduce your children to classical music, teach kids all about courtesy and even celebrate chicken!
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    The fall season gives you new ways to play. While most kids are dreaming of candy from Halloween night, there are many other fun activities for kids this month. Learn about your family history, go roller skating, collect stamps, teach your children new computer skills, enjoy some popcorn and learn about time.
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    You're in full-blown holiday mode with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve rapidly approaching. With all of the family visits, cooking and shopping to do, it's easy to forget to actually stop and spend some quality time with your children. Activities away from the holidays include learning about aviation to go on your own exotic trip, playing the drums to let off some steam and eating nutritious foods in the months where nutrition is often shoved under the table (beneath those...MORE yummy desserts).
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    The holidays are a crazy time for every family. If you need a break from the holiday hubbub, there are many fun activities for kids that aren't centered around Christmas. Write to a friend. Read a book. Donate time and goods. Enjoy the hectic days with your kids because it won't be long until you're ringing in a new year and starting to look for more fun activities for next year.