Adding Detergent to a High-Effeciency Washer

high efficiency washer and dryer
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Where do I put HE detergent in an HE washer? Can HE detergent be added to clothes in a HE washer as it would be in a topload washing machine? How do you use HE detergent?

Answer: A high efficiency he washer usually has a detergent drawer (most slide out) on the front, with special compartments for the HE detergent, as well as for bleach and laundry softener. Use recommended (or less) levels of detergent, bleach and softeners and place them in the detergent drawer before the cycle is turned on. During the washer's operation, the detergent, bleach and softener are released at the appropriate time for best fabric care.

If you do mistakenly add He detergent to the clothing being washed, you may get more suds or have to use an extra rinse to clear the soap residue from the clothing. Adding bleach directly to the washload should not be done as it can cause fiber damage due to low water levels; always apply bleach only through the detergent drawer when setting up for a wash.

Also, avoid excessive use of detergent, bleach or softener in a low-water he washer. A HE washer requires much less HE detergent than a traditional washer, due to low water levels and operating efficiency.

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